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Peoria Sports Complex Events

16101 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382 US

Peoria Sports Complex

Capacity: 11,333

Opened: March 1994

Home team(s): Major League Baseball's San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners

It was in 1993 when the City of Peoria reached a 2-year agreement with the Padres and Mariners to start building what is now one of the city’s biggest sports events centers.

Peoria Sports Complex

The Peoria Sports Complex was the first-ever Spring Training space co-owned by two teams. Since then, it has become a viable model for others.

Upon its completion in March 1994, the inaugural spring training games were played between both home teams, each of which had signed a 20-year lease that would last till 2033. As part of their renewal agreement, the stadium and the clubhouse are continually and extensively renovated.

Since its unveiling, the 145-acre complex has hosted year-on-year player development initiatives for the home teams. In addition to spring training, it is utilized for various private and public occasions all year round.

Besides its historical substance, the Peoria Sports Complex offers an array of specialties that help make it a sought-after venue for baseball fanatics. Its main stadium is augmented by twelve practice fields, offering enough space for both teams to train anytime.

But beyond baseball games, it caters to community events, art shows, weddings, and concerts of reasonable sizes. Innumerable hotels, restaurants, and recreational options are in the surrounding areas, meaning visitors enjoy a rounded experience on and off the pitch.

Events at Peoria Sports Complex

The complex’s primary purpose is hosting Major League Baseball’s Spring Training, but as noted earlier, it also serves as practice grounds for the pair of home teams.

Year after year, fans flock to the stadium to see their favorite teams prepare for the MLB season under the indulging Arizona weather. The Peoria Sports Complex also holds concerts featuring artists from different genres.

Some of the upcoming events at the venue include Spring Training (Split Squad): Kansas City Royals at San Diego Padres, Spring Training: Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners, and Spring Training (Split Squad): Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners.

Transportation and parking

Located along the P83 Entertainment District on 83rd Avenue south of Bell Road, Peoria Sports Complex can be easily accessed from the Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway, which is at the exit of Bell Road.

When it is spring training time, parking is free for all personal and recreational vehicles. In this regard, three points on entry are Mariners Way, Stadium Way, and Padres Way. While the first two can be accessed via 83rd Avenue, the last can be reached through Paradise Lane.

If you are RVing or using passenger buses, the drop-off areas are on Mariners Way, while pickups and dropoffs with ride-hailing are made at Stadium Way. Bear in mind that the sports complex prohibits overnight parking.