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Rogers Place Events

10214 104 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0H6 Canada

Rogers Place

Capacity: 18,347-19,500

Home Teams: Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

Rogers Place Events

Rogers Place is the shiny new home of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, which opened in 2016 to replace the team’s previous arena, the aging if much beloved Northlands Coliseum. Construction sparked a mini-real estate boom in the area around the venue as businesses sought to construct bars, restaurants, and retail stores to capitalize on the clientele that the new arena would attract for games and events. For hockey fans, the move to Rogers Place seemed to translate almost instantly into success on the ice, with the Oilers making a return to the playoffs in 2017 for the first time in a decade. The team has yet to reach anything resembling the glories of their past, but to see the Oilers back as playoff contenders has many fans hoping for better in the years to come. Along with all regular season and playoffs Oilers home games, Rogers Place also hosts concerts (country music is a particularly big draw here), MMA/UFC, comedy shows, and professional wrestling. Hungry? Rogers Place has all manner of delicious snacks, with everything from pizza and sandwiches to wraps and even sushi. Those in search of cool team or event merchandise, including clothing and bags featuring the iconic Oilers logo, will find it at the many kiosks and shops around the arena. 

Rogers Place Seating Chart

Rogers Place has a wide range of seating options for visitors to consider. Premium areas including Scotiabank Suites, the Sky Lounge Loft, and the Summit Suite at Centre Ice all provide top-notch hospitality for an exclusive game day experience. General admission seating at Rogers Place begins with more expensive seats in the lower bowl and continues up into the cheaper seats of the upper tier. Check TicketX for tickets at Rogers Place that suit your budget for the games and events you want to attend. Our handy seating chart can help you easily compare different seating options.

Getting to Rogers Place (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access the Rogers Place via public transportation or driving their own vehicle. The venue is located in downtown Edmonton. 

Getting to Rogers Place via public transportation

You can reach Rogers Place using local city buses or Edmonton’s LRT train system. The closest train station to the arena is MacEwan Station, but insiders recommend getting off at Bay/Enterprise Square instead to avoid the crowds (it’s only a few more blocks to walk). Check Rogers Place's official website for public transportation schedules and details. Taxis or rideshares to the venue are also a good option, particularly during Edmonton’s extremely cold winter months. 

Getting to Rogers Place by car

Most visitors to Rogers Place arrive in their own cars, as driving to the venue is relatively straightforward. Do be prepared for the traffic that tends to build up around the venue during big games and events, particularly due to its downtown location. Edmonton also tends to see construction and roadworks concentrated into the short summer months, so be sure to consider this factor too. Aim to arrive early to avoid missing the start of your event. The Rogers Place official website has detailed maps and driving directions.

Does Rogers Place have on-site parking?

There is plentiful parking near Rogers Place in the surrounding blocks, but given the venue’s downtown location, it is best to reserve your spot in advance. The venue uses a company called Reef Events that sells parking passes for all big games and events. Visit the Rogers Place official website for parking information and maps, as well as links where you can purchase parking passes.  

How much does Rogers Place parking cost?

Parking passes for Oilers games can cost anywhere from $5-50, depending on the popularity of the event and proximity of the parking to the venue. Visit Rogers Place's official website for general parking information and click the links to search for the cheapest available parking rates