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Rupp Arena Events

430 W Vine St, Lexington, KY 40507 US

Rupp Arena

Capacity: 20,545

Home Teams: Kentucky Wildcats (NCAA College Basketball)

Rupp Arena Events

Rupp Arena (also known as Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center) is located in downtown Lexington within the large Central Bank Center shopping and convention complex. It is one of the larger arena facilities in NCAA Division 1 basketball with a capacity exceeding 20,000, but with one of the most successful and popular college basketball teams in the nation, the Kentucky Wildcats, it nonetheless sees frequent sellout crowds. The Wildcats men’s basketball team is by many measures the top college basketball program in the United States, with 8 NCAA championships (second only to the UCLA Bruins), 68 postseason appearances (more than any other school), and 131 total March Madness wins (tied with the North Carolina Tar Heels for first). The Wildcats were the first NCAA team to reach 1000 wins (in 1968) and 2000 wins (in 2009), and many top Wildcats players such as Anthony Davis, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Tyrese Maxey, and Bam Adebayo have gone on to star in the NBA. The 1948 title-winning Wildcats team even represented the United States at the 1948 London Olympics, and won the gold medal! As well as hosting Kentucky Wildcats men’s and women’s basketball games, Rupp Arena has also been the home of two short-lived minor hockey teams and one arena football team, as well as many state high school basketball championships. Along with many conventions and other large congregations within Central Bank Center, Rupp Arena is also well known as a popular venue for professional wrestling events and, especially, large scale concerts, hosting a wide range of famous acts over the years from Elton John and Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen (an Elvis Presley concert was even scheduled for Rupp Arena in 1977, but Elvis died a week before he was scheduled to perform there!). Aside from the action on the hardwood or the stage, Rupp Arena is also famous for the atmosphere generated by its passionate fans and is frequently described as one of the loudest arenas in all of American college sports. Responding to a particularly energized crowd at an emotional win over Kansas in 1990, an TV commentator even compared facing the crowd at Rupp Arena to going “up against the lions at the Roman Coliseum.” Clad in blue, Wildcats supporters begin their game days early, packing the neighboring Hyatt Regency Hotel’s lobby and restaurants downtown in a basketball fans’ take on pre-game tailgating. Hungry visitors to Rupp Arena will find no shortage of tasty snacks at the concessions, with everything from BBQ to Hunter Brothers pizza to soft-serve ice cream on offer, along with plenty of cold beer (as of 2023!). Those keen on team or event merchandise can check out the numerous shops and kiosks at Rupp Arena.

How can I find the cheapest tickets to games and events at Rupp Arena?

With such a wide range of events and games held at Rupp Arena throughout the year, there is plenty to recommend a trip to Lexington. The success and national fame of the Kentucky Wildcats makes them by far the biggest draw, which can make it difficult to find tickets, particularly to key conference deciders, rivalry matchups, and championship games. To search for the cheapest tickets to Kentucky Wildcats home games or other major events at Rupp Arena, check the TicketX listings on this page, using our handy TicketX seating chart to compare seating options in terms of price and location. With just one click, you can purchase your tickets with the lowest commission fees!

Rupp Arena Seating Chart

Rupp Arena is a large venue that offers visitors many different seating options. Those looking to spend game day in luxurious surroundings with five-star services and amenities can opt for the Rupp Club VIP experience or one of the venue’s luxury boxes. Most of the arena, however, consists of general admission seating at relatively affordable prices, where you can don a blue shirt and plunge into one of the most exciting crowds in NCAA Division 1 basketball!

Getting to Rupp Arena (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access Rupp Arena via public transportation or driving their own vehicle

Getting to Rupp Arena via public transportation

While Lexington does have local city buses that run by Rupp Arena, dedicated shuttles might be a better option if you are located close to the university and going to a Wildcats game. For other events, you might want to opt for a taxi or ride-share, although if you are staying downtown, walking to the venue is also likely possible. 

Getting to Rupp Arena by car

Driving to Rupp Arena in your own vehicle is fairly straightforward as long as you plan your route in advance and arrive early to deal with the traffic that builds up on days when the venue is hosting big games or events. Head to the Central Bank Center website or the UK game day page for maps and driving directions.

Does Rupp Arena have on-site parking?

Yes, there are large parking lots and garages both on site and within a short walk of Rupp Arena that can accommodate over 10,000 vehicles. Parking arrangements vary somewhat by event. For Wildcats games, head to the UK parking page for more information (you can also book prepaid parking via the Waze App). For other events, the Central Bank Center website has detailed parking information and maps. 

How much does Rupp Arena parking cost?

Parking prices at Rupp Arena vary based on where you park and the popularity of the particular game or event. Generally, you can expect to pay $5-20. Go to the Central Bank Center website or UK parking page for more information on parking and parking prices. You can also book prepaid parking via the Waze App.