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Born: March 17, 1990 (age 34)

Genre: blues, rock, soul, folk

Top Albums:

  • Hozier

  • Wasteland, Baby!

  • Unreal Unearth

Top Tracks:

  • Take Me To Church

  • Too Sweet

  • Nina Cried Power


Hozier may have been raised in the humble rural countryside of his native Ireland, but the soulful singer-songwriter is now unmistakably a huge star, with a number of chart-topping hits in both the US and UK. His music is a blend of traditional Irish music and storytelling along with American folk and blues influences, which he encountered through his parents’ record collection as a child. Hozier’s songwriting has been influenced by Irish mythology, Irish poets Seamus Heaney and WB Yeats, and the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde.

Hozier Tour 2024

Tour Name: Unreal Unearth Tour 2024

Tour Dates: April 20-September 17

Following up on the success of his Unreal Unearth Tour in 2023 (done in promotion of his 2023 album Unreal Unearth), Hozier announced that a new leg of the tour would take place in 2024, with many concert dates set for venues across the United States and Canada (as well as several in Ireland and the UK). The North American leg of the tour, which kicked off on April 20 in Raleigh, North Carolina, is set to continue through such hot spots as the Schottenstein Center (Columbus, OH), Pinnacle Bank Arena (Lincoln, NE), Xcel Energy Center (Saint Paul, MN), Frost Bank Center (San Antonio, TX) and Rogers Place (Edmonton, AB, Canada) before finishing up in Columbia, Maryland on September 29. Hozier will then continue on to Australia and New Zealand to round out his tour.

As one of the more unique and intriguing artists on the music scene today, Hozier has already generated plenty of excitement during the North American leg of his 2024 tour. Tickets to upcoming concerts on Hozier’s tour will no doubt sell out quickly, so be sure to get straight onto TicketX for all the cheapest tickets. TicketX maintains a rate of 20%, unlike other resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, where service fees may fluctuate depending on venues, ticket types, and ticket prices. Buy your Hozier tickets from TicketX today with a single click, all with the lowest commission fees around!

How Much Are Hozier tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Hozier tickets for his 2024 tour are:

Ticket Resale Site

Hozier Ticket Prices





On TicketX, the cheapest Hozier ticket is $55.80 at Pavilion at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - Complex on Jul 27.

The prices of Hozier tickets vary depending on popularity and location. For example, we compared the prices of Hozier tickets in San Antonio and Edmonton.

Hozier Edmonton Tickets

Venue: Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date: August 24, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price




Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out





Hozier San Antonio Tickets

Venue: Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, Texas

Date: September 24, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Hozier Tour Details

Hozier Tour Opener

Special guest Allison Russell is set to open for Hozier at least some of his concerts on the North American leg of his 2024 Tour. Other stars could accompany Hozier at certain venues as well. Check TicketX for updates on the guest artists who might perform with Hozier on his 2024 tour (and to find all the cheapest tickets!).

How long are Hozier concerts?

Based on previous performances (source:, Hozier concerts generally last just under 2 hours, plus time for any guest performers or openers.

Hozier Tour Setlist

This setlist from was put together based on Hozier’s recent tour concerts. Hozier’s tour setlist can of course vary from show to show based on venue, date, and artists’ preferences.

  • De Selby (Part 1)

  • Jackie and Wilson

  • De Selby (Part 2)

  • To Be Alone

  • Dinner & Diatribes

  • Francesca

  • From Eden

  • It Will Come Back

  • Too Sweet

  • Wildflower and Barley

  • Unknown/Nth

  • Eat Your Young

  • Would That I

  • Almost (Sweet Music)

  • Cherry Wine

  • Movement

  • Take Me to Church

  • Work Song

  • Nina Cried Power

Hozier Tour Merch

Whenever Hozier is on tour, fans can expect his merchandise to be priced more or less in line with his online (US) store:















Hozier Upcoming Events

Some of the events on Hozier’s tour this year are at music festivals. It is also possible that he will announce more dates, so keep checking TicketX for updates on additional concerts and festivals featuring Hozier (and all the cheapest tickets!).




Newport Folk 2024

Jul 26-28

Newport, RI

Lollapalooza Chicago 2024

August 1

Chicago, IL

Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2024

August 4

Montreal, QC, Canada

Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival 2024

September 28

Franklin, TN

All Things Go 2024

September 29

Columbia, MD

About Hozier

As well as his undeniable skills with a guitar and smooth melodic voice, Hozier is also known for his embrace of socially conscious themes in his work, including racism, domestic violence, and violence against the gay community. He has stated that he sees no difference between personal and political issues and thus feels that it is his duty to speak up in the best way possible: through his music. Hozier’s single “But the Wages” garnered particular praise from young people frustrated with stagnating wages amidst a rising cost of living.

Hozier 2024 Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Hozier’s net worth currently hovers around an estimated $6 million. The artist has made his money throughout his career thanks to high record sales, sold-out concerts, online media, merchandise, and endorsements.

While it is hard to calculate Hozier’s exact annual income, according to Spotify's estimate from June 7, 2024, his songs are streamed close to 13 million times per day. That means he makes around $52,000 every day, bringing in close to $19 million of annual income from streaming alone.

Hozier also reportedly makes around $300,000 per concert appearance. As of May 2024, he had over 70 concerts and other appearances scheduled, so it can be roughly estimated that he will bank north of $20 million from live performances this year.

Add to that merchandising, various endorsements, and other sources of income, and Hozier stands to rack up at least $40 million of income in 2024.

Fans should be aware that any attempt to calculate annual income and net worth is inevitably a challenge due to the complex nature of collating income from so many different sources (ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements). Much financial information is also kept private.

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