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LSU Tigers Football Tickets

LSU Tigers Football

College: Louisiana State University (LSU)

Conference: Southeastern Conference (Western Division)

Stadium: Tiger Stadium Baton Rouge (capacity 102,321)

Head Coach: Brian Kelly (2022-present)

2023 Season Record: 10-3

Legendary Alumni: Johnny Robinson, Kevin Mawae, Kevin Faulk, Bert Jones, Leonard Marshall

Fight Song: "Fight for LSU"

National Championships: 4 claimed (1958, 2003, 2007, 2019), 4 unclaimed (1908, 1936, 1962, 2011)

LSU Tigers Football

The earliest edition of the LSU Tigers was, somewhat intriguingly, originally put together by a chemistry professor in the 1890s (yes, this does sound suspiciously like the plot of a Gothic novel). Their first game, a 34-0 loss, certainly did not hint at the great future that lay ahead of the team, which soon rose to prominence as one of the stronger football programs in the Deep South. Breakthroughs onto the national scene really began in the 1930s, when the Tigers reached three straight Sugar Bowls, but unfortunately lost all three. Victory would come in the 1943 Orange Bowl, after which the Tigers would go on to amass an excellent haul of Bowl wins, taking home the Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, and others on numerous occasions (for an overall Bowl record of 31-24-1). Continuing to grow in strength, the team’s numbers have become very impressive indeed, with 8 national titles (4 claimed, 4 unclaimed), 16 conference titles, and an overall record of 806-434-47, which places the team 17th in the whole United States for total wins (806) and winning percentage (.645) heading into the 2024 season. Many opposition coaches and players, as well as journalists, have stated that Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge is the most difficult place for an opposing team to play due to the raucous atmosphere that its fans generate, particularly for night games. This home advantage is so pronounced at night that LSU administrators have clashed over holding games at night to maximize their chance of winning versus holding games during the day to maximize television earnings. Half the fun of Tigers games starts well before kickoff, with tailgating often starting as early as Thursday in Baton Rouge if there is a game on a Saturday. Many fans have “their sport” returning to the same place to tailgate each time, game after game, year after year, to party and catch up with old friends. Fans line Victory Hill to cheer on the players, coaches, cheerleaders, and a caged Mike the Tiger (the mascot), as they make their way into the stadium. Inside the stadium, the marching band puts on a spectacular show, the team takes to the field, and fans holler out local Cajun-inspired chants like “Geaux Tigers” and “Hot Boudin.” If the score goes the Tigers way and they are victorious at home (as they usually are), a blazing Victory Gold display will light up the north end of the stadium.

LSU Tigers Rivalries

The LSU Tigers have a large number of deep-seated rivalries, mostly with other teams from the South, but none of them, interestingly, are particularly nasty (maybe everyone is too scared of the Tigers at home to risk poking them too much?). Their main rivals include many top Southern teams such as the Alabama Crimson Tide, Arkansas Razorbacks, Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators, Ole Miss Rebels, and Texas A&M Aggies

Finding LSU Tigers Football Tickets

Despite the colossal size of their stadium, getting a ticket to a Tigers game is no walk in the park, with the vast majority of games selling out. Conference or playoff deciders, Bowl games, and rivalry matchups (see above) are particularly difficult. Your best hope is always TicketX, where we take pride in listing all the most affordable tickets available to LSU Tigers games and other events at Tiger Stadium. Our helpful TicketX stadium seating chart is a great way to compare seat prices and locations too.

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