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How to Professionally Resell Concert Tickets

by Nicole Koerfgen


  1. Must Know Answers
  2. What Are Resale Concert Tickets?
  3. Is it Legal to Resell Concert Tickets?
  4. Finding High Demand Concerts
  5. How to Identify Popular Artists
  6. Keep Updates on High Demand Events
  7. Best Tickets to Resell
  8. 1. Taylor Swift
  9. 2. Coachella
  10. 3. IU
  11. How to Sell Concert Tickets
  12. Best Sites to Sell Concert Tickets
  13. When Is The Best Time To Resell Concert Tickets?
  14. How to Set the Right Price Range

Do you want to become a professional ticket broker? Considering the rise of interest in live events since covid, reselling tickets has become a lucrative business. However, success in this endeavor requires careful consideration and strategic planning. What aspects should you focus on to maximize your profit? We give you all the insights in two parts: How to find events to buy and how to resell concert tickets you bought.

Must Know Answers

Before learning how to maximize your profit, sellers must know answers to the following questions.

What Are Resale Concert Tickets?

Are you wondering “Can You Sell Resell Taylor Swift Tickets” or “How to Resell Tickets on Ticketmaster,” you have come to the right place. Resale concert tickets are tickets acquired from an original seller and then sold by individuals or brokers. These tickets establish an alternate market for fans who might have missed the initial sale or are searching for specific seating options.

Yes, in most jurisdictions, it is legal to resell concert tickets. However, it is essential to know the specific laws or regulations in your area. Some venues or artists may have restrictions, so always check the terms and conditions. In some states, ticket scalping is illegal, and a specific license is needed – for example, New York, Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

Which State is the Easiest to Become a Ticket Broker?
Becoming a ticket broker is relatively easier in states with less strict regulations and requirements. Discover the best state to start your ticket brokering business and the key steps to get started.

Finding High Demand Concerts

Now your next question into ticket selling business will be “how to find resale tickets.” One crucial aspect of reselling concert tickets is identifying high-demand events. Keep an eye on trending artists, popular tours, and events with limited seating. By focusing on these in-demand tickets, you increase your chances of a quick and profitable resale.

It’s important to find artists that have long-term popularity. Songs trending on TikTok may come and go, but dedicated fans are likely to stay.

  • Stalk SNS trends, like X (Twitter), to find trending artists

  • Use trend-identifying websites like Google Trends

  • You can also use song streams to gauge the artist’s popularity

  • Research past tour popularity, such as the concert revenue

  • Use websites like Ticket Flipping to find trending or popular events

Keep Updates on High Demand Events

Being on top of information such as tour or concert announcements, when tickets go on sale, or where to register for a ticket presale is important to maximizing your profit.

  • Subscribe to mailing lists of popular artists

  • Follow companies like Live Nation that have a lot of contracts with popular artists. Monitor their news to stay on the lookout for tour or concert announcements

  • Monitor festival headliners. Sometimes popular artists are announced to take part with little warning

Best Tickets to Resell

Following the basic economic concept of demand and supply, high demand tickets sell out fast and fans will tend to be price takers, which is good news for you as a seller!

Here are some artists whose tickets are notoriously known to have been snapped up in a blink of an eye.

1. Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour tickets, regardless of the location, was sold out in record time. Many websites implemented a presale code geared towards fans but some are associated with credit cards so if you happen to have the right credit card, make sure to take advantage of that.

According to this article on CNBC, she sold 2.4 million tickets in a single day with a face vlaue ranging from $49-$499. They current resell upwards of $1000 which gives you at least a 100% gain on these tickets.

2. Coachella

Music festivals are always a good choice since they are annual events and release dates are predictable. Especially for large festivals such as Coachella, you will see next year’s tickets already on waitlist for both weekend 1 and 2.

Face value of Coachella 2025 tickets start from $549 while the resale tickets start from $649 which gives you at least a $100 profit. Most platforms charge a commission but on here on TicketX, you get to keep 100% of your earnings with our promise of 0% fees for sellers.

3. IU

You may be surprised at the popularity of K-Pop artists. The fastest sold out concert ticket record is claimed to be held by EXO who is said to have sold out their tickets in 0.2 seconds. If you are fast enough to get your hands on these tickets, you will most likely have no problem in selling them.

Tickets for the 2024 IU HEREH WORLD TOUR are currently on the resale market starting from $217.49, with a previous face value of $100.

Once you have secured the concert tickets, the next step is deciding how to sell your ticket.

How to Sell Concert Tickets

Foremost, you must choose a ticket resale site. Although the current article focuses on seller fees, future articles will also explore how to choose the best ticket resale site.

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Best Sites to Sell Concert Tickets

There are several reputable ticket resale sites such as Ticketmaster, StubHub, and SeatGeek. In return for providing sellers with the market, platforms take a percentage of the listed ticket price when tickets are sold. These fees determine your overall profit margin. Understanding each platform's fee structure will help you make an informed decision about where to list your tickets.

Resale Website

Sellers Fee

Seller’s Profit for a $100 Ticket








No fees








5 Best Ticket Resale Sites for Sellers
Find the best place to sell concert tickets and get one step closer to professionally reselling concert tickets. Read about our top 5 ticket resale platforms to maximize your profits.

If you are interested in selling your concert tickets via app rather sites and wondering the best app to sell concert tickets some recommendations is to check if secondary markets such as SeatGeek, Stubhub, TickPick, TicketX, Ticketmaster has an app. The best app to sell concert tickets will differ by your preferences in your ticket selling business!

Set to selling tickets at Ticketmaster or Stubhub? How to resell tickets on Ticketmaster and How to resell tickets on Stubhub is kindly given here for your information! Learn how to resll tickets on Ticketmaster and how to resell tickets on Stubhub, however, don’t forget TicketX could lead to your ticket selling in a beneficial way. Kindly read below.

At TicketX, you can sell your tickets with no commission fees, letting you keep 100% of your earnings. Our advanced security measures and verification processes ensure that all transactions are safe.

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When Is The Best Time To Resell Concert Tickets?

When reselling tickets, timing is key. Research (1, 2) shows that the best time to resell concert tickets is typically a few weeks before the event when demand is high, but supply remains limited. Use this opportunity to attract buyers and optimize your profits.

How to Set the Right Price Range

For you to successfully resell your tickets, the right price is crucial. Consider the value of the ticket, demand for the event, and overall market conditions. A competitive yet cost-effective price will attract buyers while ensuring you get a fair price.

One way of finding the best price range is using tools like, which aggregates past ticket prices for artists.

This user-friendly network allows sellers to reach a wide audience and provides buyers with a trusted source to purchase tickets. Consider using TicketX to maximize your ticket resale potential because there are no commissions and no listing fees.

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To sell tickets successfully, you need a well-thought-out strategy. The deciding factors are demand, fees, timing, and price. If you pay attention to every detail, you can make the most profit as a ticket broker and build trust among fans of concerts, musicals, and other event tickets. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, remember: Learn the best practices when it comes to ticket resale to have an ideal or profitable experience. You have further questions about how to make the best possible profit from reselling tickets. Then check our FAQ and find your answers at TicketX.

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