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Who Are the Top Players to Watch in the 2023-24 NBA Season?

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  1. Who are the Top Players to Watch in the 2023-2024 NBA Season?
  2. Who are the Top Players in Each Position to Watch in the 2023-2024 NBA Season?
  3. Point Guards
  4. Shooting Guards
  5. Centers
  6. Small Forwards
  7. Power Forwards
  8. Off the Bench (Subs)
  9. How to Get Cheap Tickets to See the Top NBA Players in Action DDuring the 2023-24 Segular season

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While basketball is first and foremost a team game, the NBA has always been known for the dazzling technique, stunning power, and sheer determination of its top players (and their inevitably catchy nicknames).

The league’s older fans hearken back to the days of Wilt (the Stilt) Chamberlain, Julius (Dr. J) Erving, and Kareem (the Dream) Abdul-Jabbar, while those who grew up with the NBA in the 80s and 90s witnessed the emergence of the greatest baller of all time, Michael (Air, His Airness) Jordan, who battled and leapt his way to six NBA titles against legends like Larry Bird (the Hick from French Lick), Patrick Ewing (the Hoya Destroya), John Stockton (no nickname!), Karl (the Mailman) Malone, Charles Barkley (Sir Charles, the Round Mound of Rebound), and the defensive genius (and master of the dark arts) Isaiah Thomas. Jordan’s rise also overlapped with the rise of Shaquille (Shaq Diesel) O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, who he somewhat uncharacteristically took under his wing, offering the young man advice throughout his early career. Netflix’s recent documentary series, The Last Dance, which looks back on Jordan’s career and the Chicago Bulls dynasty, has taken fans who witnessed that time on a trip down memory lane while giving younger hoops enthusiasts a glimpse back on some of the most exciting moments and fascinating characters in NBA history.

While the game has continued to evolve, NBA fans in the 2020s have no shortage of top players to watch. Whether dropping 3-pointers from way downtown, sending a shot back into the opponent’s with a huge defensive block, or lifting the roof off the stadium with an earth-shattering dunk, today’s top NBA players keep fans on the edges of their seats game after game, week after week.

Read on for our list of top players to watch in the 2023-2024 NBA season, as well as how to find cheap tickets to see the most exciting players in the NBA in action in 2023-24!

Who are the Top Players to Watch in the 2023-2024 NBA Season?

From legendary veterans like Lebron James (Los Angeles Lakers), Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs), and Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics) who still get it done to established stars like Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets), Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks), and Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors) to eagerly awaited rookies like Victor Wembanyama (San Antonio Spurs), Brandon Miller (Charlotte Hornets), and Scoot Henderson (Portland Trail Blazers), as well as twins Amen and Ausar Thompson (Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons), the 2023-2024 NBA season is packed with top players to watch.

Who are the Top Players in Each Position to Watch in the 2023-2024 NBA Season?

Picking out the top players in the NBA isn’t as easy as it sounds. Offense tends to attract more attention than defense, meaning that the players who put up the most points tend to garner higher accolades. But while the old adage “offense wins games but defense wins championships” might overstate things a bit, there is no question that there is more to any great player than the number of shots they hit. Teams need players who can fulfill different roles and complement one another if they are going to succeed together.

To reflect such different player attributes and qualities across the league, here we have chosen 3 top players to watch in the 2023-2024 NBA season from each position (as well as 3 top players who can come off the bench). Obviously, this means that many top players will be (unfairly?) left off this list, so be sure to check out our team-specific pages for team-by-team specifics.

Point Guards

Point guards are the quarterbacks of the basketball court, shot-callers who must lead their team on the court and dictate the pace of the game. NBA point guards tend to be shorter than players in other positions. Many are excellent 3-point shooters. Here are 3 of the top NBA point guards to watch in the 2023-24 season.

  • Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors). Michael Jordan might be the best player of all time, but Steph Curry is considered by many to be the game’s best pure shooter. He nailed 43% of his 3-pointers last season and averaged 29.4 points per game, 7th best in the league. He might be 35 years old, but Curry is almost impossible to stop.

  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks). The Slovenian superman finished 2nd in scoring last season with 32.4 points per game along with an average of 8.0 assists. His 8.6 rebounds per game, more than double that of most point guards, illustrate how versatile Doncic is as a player. His one weakness can be his temper; Doncic was sent for an early bath against Canada this summer in the FIBA World Cup after the refs decided that they had heard enough.

  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City Thunder). Gilgeous-Alexander was on the other end of the Slovenia-Canada matchup, hauling the Maple Leaf past Doncic’s Slovenia to an appearance in the semi-finals followed by a shock victory over the United States, albeit in the 3rd place final. Gilgeous-Alexander had a breakout season in 2022-23, dropping 31.4 points per game including 10.9 free throws.

Shooting Guards

Shooting guards tend to vary quite a bit in terms of playing style and their role within the team. Some NBA shooting guards tend to (as the name implies) shoot a lot from outside, while others are known for mid-range jump-shots or driving the lane. Here are 3 of the top NBA shooting guards to watch in the 2023-24 season.

  • Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns). Booker really hit his stride in the playoffs last season, sinking a ludicrous 51% of his 3-pointers for 33.7 points per game. His fighting spirit and leadership are a big reason why many fans and pundits are looking at the Suns to vie for the championship this season.

  • Anthony Edwards (Minnesota Timberwolves). Edwards has proven himself to be a prolific shooter for the Wolves, knocking down 24.6 points per game last season. He has sometimes struggled on defense but continues to improve in terms of focus and consistency.

  • Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland Cavaliers). Coming off his first year with the Cavs with a season filled with career bests (points, field-goal percentage, 3-point percentage) including a memorable 71-point almost single-handed demolition of the Bulls, Mitchell has continued to assert himself as an offensive force. Questions remain around his defensive abilities.


The role of the center has evolved in recent years as the speed of the game has increased, with quicker and slightly . Traditionally, centers have been the tallest players on the court, allowing them to dominate under the basket to snatch offensive and defensive rebounds, though recently slightly smaller and quicker centers who can shoot from mid-range or even distance have emerged. Here are 3 of the top NBA centers to watch in the 2023-24 season.

  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets). A strong case could be made that two-time NBA MVP Jokic is the best player in the league and has been for some time. He led the Denver Nuggets to their first ever NBA championship title in 2023, was named MVP of the Finals, and inspired his country Serbia to the final of the FIBA World Cup in the summer.

  • Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers). Davis was an absolute beast at both ends of the court last season, averaging over 25 points and 12 rebounds per game, a feat equaled by no other player in the NBA. Injuries hit him late in the season or he could have been in contention for league MVP.

  • Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers). The 2022-23 league MVP has always been a defensive menace, forcing his opponents to shoot from outside rather than facing him under the basket. Last season, he went off at the other end of the court too, rinsing the opposition for 33.1 points per game, best in the NBA.

Small Forwards

Take the word small with a grain of salt here; NBA small forwards typically stand between 6'5'' (196 cm) and 6'10'' (208 cm). A small forward is generally expected to be a jack-of-all-trades who can score, pass, rebound, handle the ball, and defend. Here are 3 of the top NBA small forwards to watch in the 2023-24 season.

  • LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers). King James is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history, a 4-time NBA champion, 4-time MVP, 2-time Olympic gold medallist, and…well, you get the picture. The legend will turn 39 this December, but with his size, strength and experience, Lebron is still a major problem for anyone who tries to get in his way.

  • Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics). A complete two-way player who can hold down the fort for his team on defense while piling up the points at the other end (he averaged 30.1 last season as well as a league-high 2,225 points overall), Tatum will be looking to take the Celtics to the promised land in the playoffs this season.

  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat). Sometimes overlooked for his flashier fellow players, Butler is the consummate team player, inspiring his team through physical bravery in the post and game-saving interventions on defense. It is impossible to imagine Miami’s unlikely run to the NBA Finals in 2023 without Butler’s leadership.

Power Forwards

Power forwards play a somewhat similar role to the center, operating in the post close to the net. They tend to be physically powerful players who can score well from short- to mid-range, though some also drop back at times to take longer shots. Here are 3 of the top NBA power forwards to watch in the 2023-24 season.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks). Trying to stop Antetokounmpo on a drive to the rim is a frightening prospect for even the most robust of NBA defenses, but the “Greek Freak” is much more than pure physical power. He is a gifted ball handler and top shooter as well, and pretty tidy on defense too.

  • Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors). Siakam logged the highest number of minutes in the league last season and used that considerable chunk of time on the floor to great advantage, putting in the hard work on defense while pouring in 24.2 points per game on offense.

  • Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies). Named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year for 2022-23, Jackson Jr. is a fearsome defensive presence, delighting the crowd with the way that he regularly swats away opposition shots (earning him the nickname “Block Panther”). He continues to improve on offense.

Off the Bench (Subs)

NBA players are some of the fittest athletes on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they can play every minute of every game. A deep bench is essential, especially as the season grinds on towards the playoffs. Here are 3 of the top NBA players to watch coming off the bench in the 2023-24 season.

  • Malcolm Brogdon (Portland Trail Blazers). Named Sixth Man of the Year for 2022-23, Brogdon can contribute some serious offensive output off the bench (14.9 points per game last season). After being involved in a rather unpleasant trade saga between the Celtics and Clippers in June, Brogdon landed in Portland, where he will be hoping to help push the struggling Blazers back towards contention this season.

  • Alex Caruso (Chicago Bulls). Caruso is considered one of the best defensive players in the league and can easily start or come in off the bench. The Bulls generally tend to use him off the bench to limit his chance of injury and save him for when they need to shut down particularly dangerous opposition shooters.

  • Rui Hachimura (Los Angeles Lakers). Hachimura showed his value off the bench in the Lakers playoff run last season, hitting a sizzling 49% of his 3-pointers and pitching in on defense against Nikola Jokic to allow his teammates more freedom offensively.

How to Get Cheap Tickets to See the Top NBA Players in Action DDuring the 2023-24 Segular season

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