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Catch the 2023-2024 NFL Playoffs with TicketX

by Miranda Carr


  1. How Does The NFL Season Work?
  2. The 2023-24 NFL Season Thus Far
  3. Super Bowl LVII (2023)
  4. Super Bowl LVIII (2024)
  5. How To Purchase The Super Bowl LVIII Tickets

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The 2023-24 NFL season is finally coming to an end this year on February 11, 2024. While it may have left us with so many heartwarming memories that will forever go down the annals of history, here are some standout moments to begin with.

First, one of the most unusual feats occurred after two different teams won 11 games in the same year. The Lions in Detroit and the Browns in Cleveland came up with outstanding performances as the Lions grabbed their first title since 1993.

As week 17 unfolded, the hardworking teams - Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Green Bay, found themselves either playoff-bound or in contention. Meanwhile, Purdy delivered a memorable performance in Super Bowl LVII.

In just 17 months, Purdy's journey unfolded from being the draft's final pick to taking on the Niners' QB role. He steered them to the NFC title game, faced a massive elbow injury, and finally rebounded to outshine the third-draft pick.

Now, as the leader of an offense scoring 33 points per game for an undefeated team, Purdy finds himself on the brink of being nominated as the MVP. Nevertheless, it is still too early to predict anything.

As we prepare for the 2024 Super Bowl LVIII, we will explore everything including the playoffs, and the schedule. Meanwhile, you can start purchasing NFL regular season tickets for the wild card games from TicketX. Keep reading for a more comprehensive guide.

How Does The NFL Season Work?

Over the years, the NFL has seen a change in formats, playoffs, and schedules. Generally, the NFL league consists of a total of 32 teams. The teams are divided into two different conferences: the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference). Meanwhile, these teams in each conference are shared among four divisions: East, North, South, and West.

Every team is set to engage in 17 regular-season games with a particular bye week. As for the season's schedule, nine regular-season games will be hosted along with one preseason game. In some instances, eight regular-season games will be played along with two preseason games. As for the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, the game will contain nine regular-season home games.

At the end, eight division winners will emerge along with six wild cards which boils down to the three highest-performing non-division-winning teams from each conference. During the postseason, the Wild Card round will kickstart a competition between six teams - three wild card teams and three division winners.

Following the Wild Card showdown, brace yourself for the Divisional round, where the top-seeded team faces off against the lowest-seeded victor from the Wild Card round. Meanwhile, the remaining Wild Card winners battle for glory. In the long run, the best four from the Divisional round get into the Conference Championships, competing for the golden ticket to the Super Bowl.

This year, the Super Bowl champion kicks off the new season with a Thursday night game on February 11, 2024. Start marking your calendars for Saturdays in Weeks 15 and 18 when the league starts with scheduled games. Also, keep an eye out for the specific dates and kick-off times for the designated Week 15 showdowns.

The 2023-24 NFL Season Thus Far

Since the Super Bowl LVIII is about to begin and here are some information on what to expect and the schedule dates for the most important games. This time, the round for each division starts on January 21-22, after which four intense games will determine the contenders moving on to the Conference Championships on January 28-29. Baltimore and Buffalo will host AFC clashes, while San Francisco and Detroit will take center stage for the NFC matchups.

As for the grand finale on the February 11, 2024, you can start marking your calendars for the amazing Super Bowl showdown taking place at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Make sure you don't miss out on the Pro-Bowl exhibition which will take place on the 4th of February. This exhibition will feature all-stars from the regular NFL season.

Also, the NFL upcoming showdown will host the 1-seeds, AfC, and NFC. For more information regarding the 2023-24 NFL regular season game, check out the league's schedule on the NFL website. Confirm the dates and venues for your desired team's games, and don't forget to look at those away matchups. Who knows? Your favorite team might just be making a surprise visit when you are in town.

Super Bowl LVII (2023)

The Super Bowl LVII was the conclusion to one of the most suspenseful seasons of all time. One notable record was set by the Baltimore Ravens with a record of only two Championships after 28 seasons in the NFL.

In the 2023 NFL season, the Ravens were able to completely dominate the league toll the very end of the season. Before achieving the best team award, they had to secure a record of 13-4 and a point difference of +203. As for the worst team, the Washington Commanders struggled with a point difference of -189.

However, one team to watch out for is the Dallas Cowboys who managed to match up their 12-5 record from their previous seasons. Among other teams, the Cowboys held the highest points per game at 29.9 PPG. You can check out the league score and standings to get a full overview of the 2023 NFL season.

Super Bowl LVIII (2024)

Just four years after the Las Vegas Raiders moved, the upcoming final will be the first Super Bowl that will be held in Nevada. The stadium will undergo a stunning transformation, and fan access won't follow the familiar routine of regular-season Raiders games. However, the tickets for the Super Bowl LVIII are already fast selling on different ticketing sites.

How To Purchase The Super Bowl LVIII Tickets

The new season is poised to start in just a few weeks, so your best bet is to start purchasing your tickets. To save you the stress of wandering through various ticketing platforms, you can choose our authorized ticket site - TicketX. For a comprehensive lineup of upcoming NFL regular season games, you can explore TicketX's official NFL ticket page.

Once you have located the game you want to watch, check out the list of available tickets. Navigate through the options using the interactive map to scope out prices and select seat locations.

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