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Best Ticket Resale Sites, 2024

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  1. Comparing Resale Ticket Sites
  2. Best Place to Buy Concert Tickets?
  3. SeatGeek
  4. TickPick
  5. 3. TicketX
  6. Ticketmaster
  7. StubHub

Couldn't purchase tickets for your beloved artist's concert? Or miss the sales dates for your favorite sports game or Broadway show? Don't give up hope yet—you can still get last-minute concert tickets at ticket resale sites!

Ticket resale sites connect buyers to individuals who want to sell their concert tickets. However, there are thousands of online ticket resale sites, from the popular and well-known to the suspicious ones. Understanding the pros and cons of these resale sites is essential to choosing the right ticket resale site for you. Below, we list the best ticket resale sites for different needs 2024.

Find the best ticket resale site for you and get those tickets you burn for.

(This list is limited to platforms in the U.S.)

Comparing Resale Ticket Sites

The buyer fees are based on each website’s fees for Olivia Rodrigo tickets for her August 3 concert at Chase Center, San Francisco, California (March 27).

Ⓘ: Dynamic Fees: fees vary depending on ticket price, venue, time of purchase, and other factors like supply and demand.

The seller fees are based on various estimates and official statements.

Resale Website

Seller Fee

Buyer Fee

Additional Charges for Buyers

Refund Policy


10% when a ticket is sold

Ⓘ Fees on a $332 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets:

$128.80 → 38.8 %

Delivery fees for physical tickets

If an event is canceled, they may offer a full refund.

Rescheduled events do not offer a refund option


10% when a ticket is sold


Potential processing fees: 2.9%-3.5%

Delivery fees: Local Pickup: $5

FedEx 2-day shipping:$10.99

FedEx overnight shipping: $15.99

If an event is canceled, they will provide a full refund

Rescheduled events do not offer a refund option


No fees

Flat fee:


No delivery fees, only sell digital tickets

100% refund if tickets do not arrive



Ⓘ Estimated Fees on $328 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets:

$134.14 → 40.9%

Order processing fees

Delivery fees for physical tickets

Facility charges

Policy varies depending on the event and seller.

If approved, you may get a refund for postponed events



Ⓘ Estimated Fees on $333 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets:

$122 → 36.6%

Delivery fees for physical tickets

If an event is canceled or postponed, they offer a full refund in credits, which are valid for a year

Best Place to Buy Concert Tickets?

As you can imagine the answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. We have listed ticket resale sites by their best feature.


Best for:

  • Price comparing

  • Deal rating

SeatGeek is a mobile-focused ticket resale platform. Their strength is enabling users to compare different price points for concert, sports, and theater tickets. It can sort tickets by price range and rate how good of a deal the ticket is. However, these added benefits come with a price. Depending on various factors, such as the ticket price, venue, and supply and demand, their fees range anywhere between 10-30% (or more) of the ticket price. Regardless, if you have money to spare for the added benefits, SeatGeek is a great place to start searching for tickets.


Best for:

  • Relatively transparent fees

  • Seat rating

TickPick is famous for its “no fees.” By default, TickPick does not charge buyers additional fees. However, depending on the situation, they may charge a potential processing fee between 2.9%-3.5%. TickPick also stands out for its colorful seating chart. Each color represents how well-rated the seat is, and this function is handy for those interested in buying seats with a clear view of the stage. Get your best seat on TickPick and say goodbye to your concert life, where the singer is not visible.

3. TicketX

Best for:

  • Cheapest ticket resale site

  • 100% Buyer Guarantee

TicketX stands out because their fees are consistent at an industry-low fee of 20%. Regardless of the venue, ticket price, type, or supply and demand, you won’t be surprised by a 40% checkout fee. Their fees are also upfront, with no additional charges such as “order processing fee” or “mobile transfer fee.” TicketX’s no fees for sellers reduce the pressure on sellers to set high fees, which offers buyers cheaper tickets. Their 100% Buyer Guarantee policy ensures buyers a full refund if they don’t get their tickets on time. If you’re broke and looking to score cheap live event tickets, TicketX is your answer.

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Best for:

  • Large volume

  • Official tickets

Ticketmaster is one of the oldest and largest ticket resale websites on the internet. They have a lot of tickets for concerts and events, and transactions are straightforward. Ticketmaster also offers a lot of official tickets because of its merger with Live Nation and various contracts with other organizations, such as the NFL. Some examples of official artists tickets are Taylor Swift, Morgan Wallen, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, because of Ticketmaster's popularity and relative monopoly over official tickets, you may encounter problems such as site crashes and high service fees. Overall, it is a well-made service suitable for those familiar with buying secondhand tickets.


Best for:

  • High ticket availability

  • Wide country availability

StubHub is known for its high resale seller volume and high ticket availability, meaning that you will likely find resale tickets for your favorite concert, sports event, or show. It's also known to provide its services to 56 countries. One downside of StubHub is that its buyer fees are pretty steep and volatile. Nevertheless, they offer excellent customer service, so if you are in a pinch, we recommend the platform!

There are thousands of ticket resale sites online, and purchasing tickets through those websites has become popular. However, as stated above, each website has unique features, and depending on your needs, the best resale ticket site will vary for each person. But now that you know the characteristics of each website, go ahead on your journey to discover the best ticket resale website🎟️.

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