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4 Tips on How to Get Cheap Concert Tickets

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  1. 1. Timing is Key
  2. Do Concert Tickets Get Cheaper Last Minute?
  3. Are Presale Concert Tickets Cheaper?
  4. 2. Look for Discount Codes
  5. 3. Consider the Concert Date & Seating
  6. 4. Choose the Right Ticket Resale Site
  7. Alternatives to Ticketmaster

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As the popularity of live events increases, getting concert tickets is becoming an increasingly challenging task.

With concert tickets selling quickly, fans have to turn to ticket resale sites, a landscape plagued by dynamic prices and hidden fees. Nevertheless, don’t give up on getting those tickets yet. Use our quick guide to get cheap concert tickets on the resale market!

1. Timing is Key

Usually, resale tickets are the cheapest right after the release of general tickets. As you can see in the graphs tracking Noah Kahan and Taylor Swift’s resale ticket prices, prices steadily increase after the first few selling dates. The next price drop comes 1-2 days before the concert date, right after a price spike 5-10 days before the concert. The best time to buy cheap concert tickets is right after general sales start. But, if you missed those early dates, your next best bet is the day before the concert.




This price drop timeline isn’t always accurate, but you can generally assume that resale concert ticket prices will follow these trends.

Do Concert Tickets Get Cheaper Last Minute?

Based on the data, the answer is yes. Given that you are waiting until an hour or two before the event, concert tickets usually get cheaper at the last minute. However, as shown above, buying concert tickets at the last minute isn’t necessarily the best method for getting cheap concert tickets.

Are Presale Concert Tickets Cheaper?

If we compare presale ticket prices to official ticket prices, presale tickets are likely cheaper than official tickets. However, if we compare presale ticket prices to resale ticket prices, the result will differ for each event. Ticket resale prices depend on venue capacity, location popularity, artist popularity, and many other factors. Because this is a case-by-case situation, we recommended buyers try to gauge the previously mentioned factors before deciding to purchase presale tickets.

2. Look for Discount Codes

There are always ways to find promo codes for resale tickets on the Internet. Websites like wethrift are good starting places!

TicketX also has its own promo codes that gives users 10% off on their first purchase!

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3. Consider the Concert Date & Seating

Like everything in the economy, concert tickets follow the law of supply and demand. Resale ticket prices on big resale platforms are especially sensitive to demand and supply changes because they use dynamic prices to change ticket fees throughout the day. So, your concert date and seating choice will naturally impact the ticket price.

  1. Weekdays vs. Weekends: Concerts held on weekdays are often cheaper than those on weekends. Consider attending a show on a Wednesday night to save on ticket costs.

  2. Matinee Shows: Some artists may schedule matinee performances, which take place in the afternoon and are typically more affordable than evening shows.

  3. Seating Tiers: Concert venues usually offer different seating tiers. Premium or VIP seats typically have a better/closer view of the artist, but if you’re willing to compromise, you may find tickets that suit your budget.

That said, this is not an easy things to negotiate, which brings us to our next point: choosing the right ticket resale site.

4. Choose the Right Ticket Resale Site

As you can imagine, different ticket resale sites have varying advantages and drawbacks. Big platforms are easy to use and have extensive reach but with costly fees. Resale tickets from big platforms are expensive because they use dynamic service fees and additional fees such as “order processing fees.” If you want to compare ticket resale sites in detail, check out:

Best Ticket Resale Sites, 2024
Find the best ticket resale site for you by comparing key features like buyer seller fees, additional charges, refund policies, and more!

Alternatives to Ticketmaster

TicketX as a good alternative to Ticketmaster. Unlike other alternatives, TicketX doesn’t use dynamic prices and doesn’t charge additional “order processing fees.” Although new to the market, we are confident you can get the cheapest concert tickets on TicketX.

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