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NCAA Basketball Final Four Tickets

NCAA Basketball Final Four 


  • April 6-8


The Final Four of March Madness (NCAA College Basketball)

The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, best known as March Madness, is the premier university-level men’s basketball competition in the United States. The Final Four round involves the last 4 teams playing in single-knockout matches (the Semifinals and the Championship Final) for the right to be NCAA National Champions

In essence, March Madness is much like the playoffs of professional leagues like the NBA, except that 68 Division 1 teams qualify for the initial rounds (unlike 16 in the NBA) and the rounds are single game elimination matches instead of best-of-seven series. In the past, many players who have had memorable March Madness tournaments have gone on to dominate in the NBA, including legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Patrick Ewing, as well as current stars such as Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, and Steph Curry

How can I find the cheapest tickets to the Final Four of March Madness?

The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament generates more buzz than almost any other basketball event in the sporting calendar, possibly only with the exception of the NBA playoffs.  Fans get the chance to see the stars of tomorrow playing with pride and passion as they represent their colleges. Many hoops fans in America feel close attachments to local college teams as well as alumni who continue to support their alma mater. All of this combines to make this tournament a huge ticket draw for those who want to witness the action live

This can, unfortunately, make it hard to get your hands on March Madness tickets, particularly for the hugely intense Final Four games. The best thing to do is to keep checking our listings on TicketX throughout the tournament, as this is the easiest way to find the cheapest tickets to NCAA Final Four games. When you find tickets, use our handy TicketX seating chart to compare different seating options in terms of location and price. 

For all the cheapest tickets to the NCAA Final Four of March Madness, trust TicketX! Note that it may be possible to buy a combined ticket that allows you access to more than one of the Final Four games. Make sure to confirm the kind of ticket you are buying before purchase. 

Which teams have made it to the Final Four of the 2024 March Madness tournament? What is the schedule for the Final Four of the 2024 March Madness tournament?

The four teams of the Final Four have now been determined and the Semifinals are all set up and ready to go for Saturday, April 6! The two winners move on to the NCAA Championship Final On Monday, April 8 to determine who will be crowned NCAA National Champions for 2024! Check the full schedule below for details.  

2024 NCAA Final Four - Semifinals

Saturday, April 6

2024 NCAA Final Four - Championship Final

Monday, April 8

Where do the NCAA Final Four games take place?

The 3 games of the Final Four (two semifinals and one final) are generally held in a single venue over 3-4 days. The Final Four for the 2024 March Madness tournament will be held in the massive State Farm Stadium (Glendale, Arizona), which is the home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. State Farm Stadium has an incredible seating capacity of over 70,000 fans! Still, get your tickets from TicketX as soon as possible, as the Final Four will almost surely sell out.

How are NCAA March Madness venues chosen?

While postseason playoffs of major North American professional leagues like the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL typically take place at the home venues of each competing team (except for the Super Bowl, of course!), NCAA basketball’s March Madness takes place in a limited number of pre-selected venues that host multiple games. College basketball arenas are used in some of the earlier rounds, but the later rounds (from the Sweet 16 onward) are usually held in professional (NBA) arenas or even NFL stadiums due to their ability to host larger crowds. 

Are there concerts going on during the NCAA Final Four?

Yes! The March Madness Music Festival 2024 will be happening in downtown Phoenix, Arizona from April 5-7 during the NCAA Final Four Semifinals and Championship Final. Visit TicketX Magazine to discover the stunning lineup of superstar performers who will be appearing on stage and find out how you too can be a part of this incredible music festival!

How do teams qualify for March Madness?

There are currently over 350 men’s Division 1 basketball teams in the United States, but only 68 teams get to play in the postseason March Madness tournament each spring. 32 teams get there directly after winning their individual conferences during the regular season. The remaining 36 teams are chosen by a 12-member selection committee based on a largely unfathomable combination of rules, results, and parameters. All in all, the full list of 68 teams will be announced on Selection Sunday (March 17, 2024) just a few days before the start of the tournament.

How does the March Madness tournament work? How can teams proceed to the Final Four round?

The March Madness basketball tournament is a single-game elimination tournament. Teams that win keep playing. Teams that lose head to the beach or the golf course (until next season).  

To get to the Final Four round (the last four teams left in the tournament), teams must first win both their First and Second Round matchups, then defeat their opponents in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 (quarterfinals) to fight for the right to move on to the Final Four (semifinals and final).

Because the NCAA tournament is (loosely) organized by region, the four teams in the Final Four come from four different regions in the United States: East, West, South, Midwest.

When are the 2024 NCAA Final Four games? What are the exact dates of the 2024 NCAA Final Four games?  

March Madness obviously takes place in March (though its Final Four games actually tend to occur in early April). The following are the dates for all rounds in the 2024 March Madness tournament (exact dates and times for individual games are still TBA, after Selection Sunday on March 17).

  • First Four - March 19-20 

  • First and Second Round - March 21-24

  • Sweet 16 and Elite 8 - March 28-30

  • Final Four - April 6-8 (with the championship final game on April 8)

As you can see, the 3 games of the Final Four round take place between April 6-8. Currently, the two Semifinals are scheduled for April 6 and the final for April 8

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