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Ray LaMontagne Tickets

Ray LaMontagne

Born: June 18, 1973 (age 50)

Genre: folk, rock, blues, country, funk

Top Albums:

  • You Are the Best Thing

  • Let It Be Me

  • Sarah

Top Tracks:

  • You Are the Best Thing

  • Jolene

  • I Was Born To Love You

Ray LaMontagne

A time traveler from the 1960s dropped into our current year could be forgiven for believing that the music of Ray LaMontagne was a leftover of that time. Borrowing from folk, rock, blues, soul, funk, and a little of everything in between (plus that beard!), LaMontagne’s songs are a fascinating combination of influences and his own unique personal style, showcasing his vocal and instrumental (guitar, piano, harmonica) talents. He has been touring, performing, and recording music professionally since the early 2000s.

Ray LaMontagne Tour 2024

Tour Name: Ray LaMontagne 2024 Tour

Tour Dates: Sep 4, 2024-Oct 13, 2024

Ray LaMontagne will be heading out on tour in the fall of 2024 as part of ongoing promotions of his most recent studio album, Monovision. The tour, co-headlined by Gregory Alan Isakov and opened by The Secret Sisters, is set to kick off with an outdoor show at the KettleHouse Amphitheater in Bonner, Montana, on September 4, 2024. After several more outdoor shows, LaMontagne and his fellow performers will be making appearances at such hot spots as the Arizona Financial Theatre (Phoenix, AZ), Andrew J Brady Music Center (Cincinnati, OH), and Pier Six Pavilion (Baltimore, MD) before a last hurrah at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, North Carolina on Oct 13, 2024.

With over two decades as one of America’s most unique and talented musicians, Ray LaMontagne is well known by music lovers as a fantastic live performer. Tickets to 2024 Ray LaMontagne tour concerts will likely sell out very quickly. Get straight onto TicketX to find the cheapest tickets to Ray LaMontagne concerts on his upcoming tour. Unlike other resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, where fees vary by venue, ticket type, or ticket price, TicketX maintains a fixed fee of 20%, no matter what. Purchase your Ray LaMontagne tickets today with a single click, all with the lowest commission fees around!

How much are Ray LaMontagne tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Ray LaMontagne tickets for his upcoming 2024 tour are:

Ticket Resale Site

Ray LaMontagne Ticket Prices





On TicketX, the cheapest Ray LaMontagne ticket is $34.92 at Hayden Homes Amphitheater on Sep 08.

The prices of Ray LaMontagne tickets vary depending on popularity and location. To provide an example, we compared the prices of tickets for Cincinnati, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Ray LaMontagne Phoenix Tickets

Venue: Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Date: Sep 15, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price















Ray LaMontagne Cincinnati Tickets

Venue: Andrew J Brady Music Center, Cincinnati, OH

Date: Oct 4, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Ray LaMontagne Tour Details

Ray LaMontagne Tour Opener

For his 2024 Fall Tour, Ray LaMontagne will be joined by Gregory Alan Isakov as co-headliner and The Secret Sisters as his opener. With three such superb acts at each concert, it should be quite the tour. Keep an eye on TicketX for further news and updates!

Ray LaMontagne Setlist

Ray LaMontagne’s tour setlist is liable to change depending on the venue, date, and artist’s preferences. The following setlist from is based on LaMontagne’s previous concerts, though his traditional big hits will likely be complemented by new songs from his most recent album as well as even newer material during his 2024 tour.

  • Trouble

  • Jolene

  • Beg, Steal or Borrow

  • Like Rock & Roll and Radio

  • Lavender

Ray LaMontagne Tour Merch

When Ray LaMontagne heads out on tour this fall, fans can expect his merchandise to be priced roughly in line with the listings on his online store (see below):



Poster Bundle








Vinyl Album




Nalgene Bottle


Ray LaMontagne Upcoming Events

Apart from his fall tour (September/October), Ray LaMontagne has announced no other upcoming events or performances for 2024. This is likely to change, however, so be sure to check back on TicketX frequently for all the freshest updates on upcoming events featuring Ray LaMontagne (and to find the cheapest tickets around!).

About Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne was in his mid-20s working as a tutor in the late 1990s when he decided to pursue music as a career. A demo album got him hired as an opening act, followed by a recording contract that led to his future success as an artist. LaMontagne is said to possess an unusual singing style that comes through the gut rather than the nose. His style (and maybe the beard/hair) has led to comparisons with Van Morrison and The Band. High praise indeed!

Ray LaMontagne 2024 Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, Ray LaMontagne’s current net worth is estimated at $6 million. Fans should note that calculating net worth is notoriously difficult due to the complex nature of accounting for ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements, and the fact that most financial information remains private.

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