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Glen Helen Amphitheater Events

2575 Glen Helen Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407 US

Glen Helen Amphitheater

Capacity: 65,000

Opened: 1993

Events: concerts, music festivals, comedy shows

Glen Helen Amphitheater

Nestled amidst the picturesque San Bernardino Mountains near the Cajon Pass in California, the Glen Helen Amphitheater is one of the largest outdoor amphitheaters in the United States. With a capacity of 65,000 and its superb natural backdrop, the venue offers music fans a unique combination of natural beauty and live music. Glen Helen Amphitheater’s layout includes a vast lawn area and ample reserved seating, all fronting onto a spacious stage that has hosted some of the most famous artists in the music industry

Glen Helen Amphitheater - Upcoming Events, Tours and Concerts

Glen Helen Amphitheater‘s gorgeous natural surroundings and large capacity has made it attractive as a summer venue for concerts and music festivals featuring some of the biggest names in music today. One of the venue's hallmark events is Nocturnal Wonderland, an electronic music festival that transforms the Amphitheater into a vibrant, pulsating world of sound, light, and color, and draws fans from all over the world. Glen Helen Amphitheater’s lineup of events for 2024 includes:

  • ・May 11 - The Art Laboe Connection

  • ・Aug 10 - Luke Bryan: Mind of a Country Boy Tour 2024

  • ・Aug 24 - LOSERVILLE: Limp Bizkit, BONES, Corey Feldman, Riff Raff, N8NOFACE

  • ・Aug 31 - Creed - Summer of 99 and Beyond Festival

Glen Helen Amphitheater - Past Events, Tours and Concerts

Glen Helen Amphitheater has hosted some of the world’s biggest musical acts over the years, with bands and solo artists entertaining big crowds at the venue each summer out in the open air. Just a few of the venue’s past performers include Chris Stapleton, Luke Combs, Wheeler Walker, Jr., Lil Wayne, Kid Rock, and Nas.

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Glen Helen Amphitheater Seating Chart

Glen Helen Amphitheater offers visitors the choices of a wide variety of viewing experiences, from prime seats near the stage to relaxed, picnic-style spots on the lawn. Concert-goers can feel free to bring lawn chairs (subject to the venue's policies) to enjoy performances under the open sky. The natural acoustics provided by the surrounding landscape enhance the sound quality, ensuring an immersive listening experience. Use our handy seating chart to help select seats based on your budget and location preferences. Here are the details of each section.


The Glen Helen Amphitheater pit is the area closest to the stage. For regular concerts, this is the general admission area, where no seating is provided. Therefore, the earliest arrivals get to choose where to sit first, so if you want to enjoy the artist's music up close, you should arrive early and secure a front row area. Although rare, the seatings may be available if the pit is a reserved pit. In this case, the pit will be reserved in advance and you will be assigned a row and a seat.

Lawn Seats

The lawn section is very large, with a lawn area that can accommodate over 50,000 guests and is endless. This area is General Admission, which means you can relax and enjoy the lawn, but the further back you go, the harder it is to see and the harder it is to hear the sound. Early arrivals tend to choose the front of the lawn or the area closest to the restrooms and concessions, so if you want to keep this area, please arrive and enter early. We recommend that you reserve the Researved Lawn in the center of the lawn if you don't want to struggle to get the best area.

Researved Seating (Orchestra and Loge sections)

Orchestra Section

Sections 1 - 3 are Orchestra Section and are located behind the general admission pits. The front rows are located approximately 10 rows from the stage, allowing people to sit down, settle in, and still enjoy the concert up close. When the pit is removed, Row A of these areas will be directly in front of the stage.

Loge Section

Behind the Orchestra Section is a VIP Box Seating area, followed by Loge sections 4 through 9. These are the less expensive of the reserved seats because of their distance from the stage.

VIP Boxes

Glen Helen Amphitheater's VIP Boxes are located in the center of the theater, directly behind the Orchestra Section. Each box is a semi-private area with seating in movable chairs with the wide legroom. Boxes can accommodate up to eight people, so if you purchase two or four tickets, you will be sharing a box seat with another patron. The boxes are located approximately 50 rows from the stage. While not as up-close as the front rows of the Pit or Orchestra, it does not get a bad reputation for the view from this area. There are more than 60 Boxes, and Boxes 11-30 are best if you are aiming directly for the center seats. For most shows, Box seats ticket holders have access to an exclusive VIP club. The club includes additional seating, a bar, and a special menu. In addition, some shows feature in-box seat standby service, allowing you to bring your privileges directly to the box.