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Honda Center Events

2695 E Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806 US

Honda Center

Capacity: 18,336

Home Teams: Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

Honda Arena Events

Honda Arena first opened its doors in 1993 as the new home of an NHL expansion team which was at the time known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim based on the immensely popular Disney Mighty Ducks film about a bunch of ragtag young kids who bond (literally, in their “Flying V” attack during a game) over the sport of hockey. While initially considered something of a joke by hockey purists, the team later rebranded itself as the Anaheim Ducks, changing its logo and colors to appeal to a broader demographic (i.e. not just kids who had liked the movie!) and eventually winning the Stanley Cup in 2007 (thus, ironically, following a similar “character arc” to the kids in the movie…). Along with all regular season and playoffs Ducks games, Honda Arena* hosts NCAA basketball, concerts, and UFC//MMA events. The arena will also be the venue for volleyball at the 2028 Summer Olympics. Hungry visitors to Honda Arena will find everything from pulled pork sandwiches and hand-crafted cheesesteaks to poke bowls and sushi. Team and event merchandise can be found at the venue’s many shops and kiosks.

*For fans of the movies, Honda Arena was also used in the filming of D2, the sequel to Mighty Ducks

Honda Arena Seating Chart

Honda Arena presents its visitors with many different seating options. Premium seating areas such as club seats, party suites, and luxury seats aim to give visitors the ultimate exclusive game day experience. General admission seating gets you right in the thick of the crowd and all seats have excellent views of the action below. To find out which tickets are available for your game or event at Honda Arena, check TicketX and use our handy seating chart to compare different seating options

Getting to Honda Arena (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access Honda Arena via public transportation or driving their own vehicle. Note that the arena is located in Anaheim, which is part of the Greater Los Angeles area but quite a large city in its own right. Anaheim is about one hour from central Los Angeles by car. 

Getting to Honda Arena via public transportation

Honda Arena is accessible using ARTIC trains and buses. Visit Honda Arena's official website to learn more about the different available public transportation and to make use of detailed directions. Another option would be to take a taxi or rideshare to the venue. Bicycle parking is also available for visitors who want to cycle to Honda Arena.

Getting to Honda Arena by car

You can drive your own vehicle to Honda Arena, but be aware that the Greater Los Angeles area is very prone to traffic jams. Leave plenty of time so that you arrive at the venue early. 

Does Honda Arena have on-site parking?

There is plenty of parking within a short walk of Honda Arena. Visit Honda Arena's official website has detailed parking information with maps and even short videos to assist you. The venue highly recommends that you reserve prepaid parking in advance using Park Mobile

How much does Honda Arena parking cost?

General parking at Honda Arena usually costs $20 for Ducks games and $20-30 for concerts and other events. Preferred Parking close to the arena costs $35 for Ducks games and $25-35 for concerts and events. Visit Honda Arena's official website for full parking details and go to Park Mobile to search for cheaper parking rates.