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Honda Center

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Anaheim Ducks

Conference: Western

Division: Pacific

Stadium: Honda Center (capacity 18,336)

Head Coach: Greg Cronin (2023-present)

Starting Goaltender: John Gibson

Star Players: Mason McTavish (C), Frank Vatrano (RW), Pavel Mintyukov (D)

2023-24 Regular Season: 27-50-5 (14th in Western Conference)

2024 Playoffs: Did not qualify

Legendary Former Players: Paul Kariya (W), Teemu Selanne (RW), Scott Niedermayer (D), Jean-Sebastien Giguere (G)

Stanley Cups (NHL Championships): 1 - 2007

Anaheim Ducks

As a team founded by the Walt Disney Corporation after their children’s movie The Mighty Ducks, a film about a ragtag bunch of kids who eventually win by skating in a V formation, named after a quacking aquatic avian not known for its grace on ice, it was pretty easy to laugh at the Anaheim Ducks when they joined the NHL in 1993. The team waddled around a bit at first but took flight in the late 1990s led by speedy Paul Kariya and goalhound Teemu Selanne. The Ducks eventually ended up winning the Stanley Cup in 2007. In recent years, they have tailed off somewhat, missing the Playoffs for the last seven seasons in a row. Can the Ducks find their wings again in 2024-25? Get your Anaheim Ducks tickets from TicketX and be there to find out!

  • Although not an overnight success on the ice, the Ducks were an immediate hit in the gift shop, with their kid-friendly Disneyfied merchandise outselling all other teams in the NHL combined and accounting for an astounding 80% of total NHL merchandise sales. The team has since tried to rebrand with a more mature image.

Rival Teams

Nothing excites NHL hockey fans more than when their team faces off against one of their biggest rivals. Here are two of the Anaheim Ducks’ most significant rivalries.

Anaheim Ducks vs Los Angeles Kings

The Anaheim Ducks have developed a local rivalry with the Los Angeles Kings due to both teams being located within the Greater Los Angeles area. The rivalry has been cleverly dubbed the Freeway Face-off due to the Interstate 5 highway that links Anaheim with downtown Los Angeles (30 miles, takes about 1 hour in traffic). This mimics the Freeway Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels as well as El Trafico, the MLS rivalry between Los Angeles FC and the LA Galaxy. The Kings have the edge overall with 81 wins to the Ducks 61, and won the one postseason meeting between the two teams in 2014, albeit in seven games 4-3. The Ducks and Kings are set to meet 4 times during the 2024-25 NHL season with 2 games in LA and 2 games in Anaheim.

Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks

The multi-sport rivalry between Los Angeles and San Francisco (Dodgers-GiantsRams, Rams-49ers, Lakers-Warriors) gained an NHL hockey component in the mid-1990s when both the Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks joined the league. The rivalry particularly heated up in the 2000s when the Ducks and Sharks met in the Playoffs twice, with the Ducks winning in 2009 but the Sharks getting their revenge in 2018. The Ducks and Sharks are set to meet 4 times during the 2024-25 NHL season with 2 games in LA and 2 games in Anaheim.

When do the 2024-25 NHL Season and Preseason start for the Anaheim Ducks?

The first pucks of the NHL preseason generally drop in late September, with the schedule of preseason and regular season games usually released some time in early August. Like all NHL teams, the Anaheim Ducks will play 6-8 preseason games at various locations to prepare for the upcoming 2024-25 NBA regular season. Fans should note that some preseason games take place in non-NHL North American markets or even overseas in other countries. The NHL regular season starts in early October and runs until early April, followed by the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Why should you buy tickets to Anaheim Ducks preseason games?

Although preseason games do not contribute to any team’s total points in the NHL regular season, you shouldn’t completely write them off! Not only are tickets to preseason games much cheaper, but they also allow fans the earliest sneak peek at the exciting new draft picks and other young players who might bolster the Anaheim Ducks lineup in the upcoming season. And with tickets at cheaper prices from TicketX, premium seats are also much more affordable, so you can get right up close to the board crunching action on the ice!

2024-25 NHL Season Predictions

Which Teams Will Go To the 2024-25 NHL Playoffs?

The 2023-24 NHL season isn’t even over yet. The Florida Panthers and New York Rangers will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers will face off in the Western Conference Finals to determine who will win the 2024 Stanley Cup.

So, tabbing the 16 teams to make the 2025 Stanley Cup Playoffs may seem like a bit of a stretch, but like the NFL, NBA, and MLB, we can expect most of the usual suspects to still skate in the Postseason.

This year, the Panthers, Rangers, Bruins, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Lightning, Capitals, and Islanders made it from the Eastern Conference, with the Stars, Oilers, Avalanche, Canucks, Golden Knights, Predators, Kings, and Jets all qualifying from the Western Conference.

Who could make it next season, and who might not be in the final 16 teams on the ice? The Red Wings and Penguins both just missed out in the East, so any regression by the Capitals and/or Islanders may mean those two may qualify in the No. 7 and No. 8 spots. In the West, it seems the same eight will end up in the Playoffs, just in a different order.

Which Two Teams Will Go To the 2025 Stanley Cup Finals and Why?

There always seem to be two new teams meeting in the Stanley Cup Finals, and the NHL has arguably the hardest Postseason to navigate, with all four rounds of play both mentally and physically excruciating. Over the past five seasons, the Bruins (240 wins), Avalanche (238), Hurricanes (232), and Maple Leafs (221) are among the win leaders, but none of those four teams are still alive in the 2023-24 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Panthers (224 wins) made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals last season and are in the ECF again this season, so to see Florida skating in the 2025 Stanley Cup Finals would surprise nobody. But expect the mad Bruins, hungry Maple Leafs, disappointed Hurricanes, and the Panthers rivals, the Lightning, to all have something to say about it.

The steady progress the Stars have shown and their ability to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champions VGK and the mighty Avalanche, shows that this team has arrived, and until the Oilers prove they can play better defense and have a reliable Goalie, Jake Oettinger, and Dallas may be the new team to beat in the competitive Western Conference.

A Panthers-Stars Stanley Cup may be on the menu here in 2024, as well as a year and a month from now in the Summer of 2025.

2024-25 NHL Stanley Cup Prediction: Stars over Panthers, 4-3

Trade Rumors and Draft Picks

After yet another year on the outside looking in when it comes to the Playoffs due to a disappointing 14th place Western Conference finish, the Anaheim Ducks desperately need to rebuild with free agents, new talent from the draft, or trades with other franchises. With the 3rd pick overall in the 2024 draft, the Ducks could have a shot at a franchise-changing defenseman, with fans excited by the thought of Artyom Levshunov, Cole Eiserman, or Cayden Lindstrom joining their team’s ranks. Acquiring some veteran talent through trades could also be a way for the Ducks to get better, though realistically their best option is probably to trade for more draft picks as they try to rebuild.

How much are Anaheim Ducks Season tickets?

You can find the cheapest Anaheim Ducks tickets starting from $22.98 at SAP Center on Sep 24 on TicketX. Prices vary depending on locations and dates, so please search for tickets based on the location and dates of games that you might be interested in attending.

Self-reported average prices of Anaheim Ducks tickets:

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Anaheim Ducks Merch

The following is a selection of prices for top Anaheim Ducks merchandise that you can expect to find sold at kiosks and shops in and around Honda Center.



Official Jersey


Mighty Ducks Movie Jersey










Honda Center

Honda Center opened its doors in 1993 as the new home of the NHL expansion team known then as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, based on the immensely popular Disney Mighty Ducks film about a bunch of ragtag young kids who bond over the sport of hockey. Initially considered something of a joke by hockey purists, the team later rebranded itself as the Anaheim Ducks to appeal to a broader demographic. Along with all regular season and playoffs Ducks games, Honda Center hosts NCAA basketball, concerts, and UFC//MMA events. The arena is also scheduled to host volleyball at the 2028 Summer Olympics. Hungry visitors to Honda Center will find everything from pulled pork sandwiches and hand-crafted cheesesteaks to poke bowls and sushi.

  • For fans of the movies, Honda Center was also used in the filming of D2, the sequel to Mighty Ducks.

How to get to Honda Center

Honda Center is located in Anaheim, which is part of the Greater Los Angeles area but quite a large city in its own right. Anaheim is about one hour from central Los Angeles by car. The venue is accessible using ARTIC trains and buses. Bicycle parking is also available for visitors who wish to cycle. Arriving in your own vehicle or a taxi is doable, but be aware that traffic jams can be a problem (especially if driving from central LA). Budget plenty of time to arrive. Plenty of parking is available within a short walk of Honda Center, but we highly recommend that you reserve prepaid parking in advance ($20-30, $35 for preferred parking).

Honda Center Bag Policy

The Honda Center bag policy has a strict no bag policy. Only small bags and purses (maximum size: 5” x 9” x 2”) can be brought into the venue. Medical bags and diaper bags (maximum size: 12” x 12” x 12”) are permitted. All bags are subject to screening and inspection.

Honda Center Rules

Honda Center has an extensive list of rules meant to ensure that everyone at the venue can have a safe and enjoyable day. Most of these are common sense, but some of the most significant rules include:

  • Binoculars binoculars are fine! They are even available for rental for some events. You cannot bring them inside a case or bag, however.

  • Cashless Venue Honda Center is now a strictly cashless venue, accepting mobile payments and cards only. If you need to convert cash to a temporary card, you can do so at the machines in Sections 201 and 401.

  • Health guests with fevers or chills, shortness of breath, congestion, nausea, muscle aches, or diarrhea should not attend events at Honda Center.

  • Animals - pets are not permitted inside Honda Center. Only ADA accredited service animals such as service dogs can enter the facility.

Visit the stadium’s A-Z guide for a full list of rules at Honda Center.

Hotels Near Honda Center

A number of nice hotels can be found within walking distance (or a short cab ride) of Honda Center, including the Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort Convention Center, Cambria Hotel & Suites Anaheim, and Comfort Inn Anaheim Resort.

Honda Center Seating Chart

Honda Arena presents its visitors with a good range of different seating options. Premium seating areas such as club seats, party suites, and luxury seats aim to give visitors the ultimate exclusive game day experience. General admission seating gets you right in the thick of the crowd and all seats have excellent views of the action below. To find out which tickets are available for your game or event at Honda Arena, check TicketX and use our handy seating chart to compare your seating options.

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