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Jones AT&T Stadium Events

2526 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX 79407 US

Jones AT&T Stadium

Capacity: 56,200

Home Teams: Texas Tech Red Raiders (NCAA College Football)

Jones AT&T Stadium Events

The Jones AT&T Stadium (not to be confused with AT&T Stadium in Arlington, where the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys play) has been home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team since 1947, though it has undergone extensive renovation and expansion in the years since. Located on the Lubbock campus of Texas Tech University, the stadium is laid out as a warm open bowl that bakes under the blue Texas sky. As of 2008, an attractive Spanish Renaissance-style facade was added to the east side of the stadium’s exterior. The Red Raiders have provided plenty of thrills and victories over their years in the stadium, with 9 of their 11 conference titles coming after the move to the Jones AT&T Stadium in 1947. The vast majority of these titles (8) came within a single dominant stretch between 1947-1955, in which the Red Raiders also won the Sun Bowl and Gator Bowl (their overall Bowl record, however, at 16-23-1, leaves a bit to be desired). Students, alumni, and local Texas football fans fill up the parking lots to tailgate before home games before packing the stands with scarlet red clothing to cheer on their team, singing “Fight, Raiders, Fight” along with the Goin’ Band from Raiderland marching band. The team has two mascots. The Masked Rider (similar to Zorro) leads the team onto the field, riding his horse with guns blazing into the sky, while Raider Red is a slightly friendlier cowboy type with an enormous scarlet mustache. Aside from Red Raiders games, Jones AT&T Stadium does not typically host other large-scale events (such as concerts), though this could be subject to change in future. If you show up to Jones AT&T Stadium with an empty stomach, you won’t be hungry for long, with all manner of tasty snacks like Raiderland Pizza slices, hot dogs, and End Zone BBQ sandwiches on offer, as well as plenty of cold beer. For Red Raiders merchandise, head to any of the many kiosks or shops inside Jones AT&T Stadium or around campus. 

Jones AT&T Stadium Seating Chart

Jones AT&T Stadium is a large venue that offers many different seating options for visitors to choose from. Premium seating areas consist of three Club seating sections (East Club, West Club, North Club) arranged around the stadium, with different levels (Platinum/Silver/Bronze/Loge) within each section. For those who prefer to sit in the midst of the roiling crowd, put on a scarlet red shirt and plunge right into the big public admission seating areas that fill most of the stadium. Check our TicketX listings to find all the most affordable tickets to Texas Tech Red Raiders games at Jones AT&T Stadium and use our handy seating chart to compare prices and locations for different seating options.

Getting to Jones AT&T Stadium (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access Jones AT&T Stadium via public transportation or driving their own vehicle

Getting to Jones AT&T Stadium via public transportation

There do not seem to be many options in Lubbock, Texas when it comes to public transportation, though a combination of public buses could probably get you to Jones AT&T Stadium on game day. A simpler option is probably a taxi or ride-share. There may also be some game day shuttles available from certain locations.

Getting to Jones AT&T Stadium by car

Given the paucity of other options, driving to Jones AT&T Stadium is the preferred option for most visitors and doing so is fairly straightforward as long as you plan to arrive early to account for traffic (and enjoy the pregame festivities!). Driving directions can be found on the Red Raiders website.

Does Jones AT&T Stadium have on-site parking?

The easiest way to understand the campus parking system around Jones AT&T Stadium is to check out the parking map on the Red Raiders website. All of the closest parking lots (red on the map) are designated as Red Raider Club Member parking and thus are unavailable for public parking. Other lots are open only to season ticket holders. The lots marked in green, however, are open to all fans (and they’re free!) on a first come, first served basis. It is a little bit of a walk to the stadium from those lots, but nothing too strenuous. 

How much does Jones AT&T Stadium parking cost?

The Free Fan Parking zones (green on the map, see the Red Raiders website) are as advertised: free! Spaces are allotted on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to turn up early to avoid disappointment.