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Township Auditorium Events

1703 Taylor St, Columbia, SC 29201 US

Township Auditorium

Address: 1703 Taylor St. Columbia, SC 29201, South Carolina, United States.

Opened: December 1, 1930

Capacity: 3,072

About Township Auditorium

Previously dubbed as the Columbia Theatre, the Township Auditorium has become one of the finest hubs for live Entertainment and musical events in one of the serene cities of South Carolina.  The theatre has housed a lot of outstanding performers, such as Cody Johnson, Whiskey Myers, and Riley Green.

Richard County is prided for being the owner of the theatre. In 2009,  The Township Auditorium witnessed a patron of remarkable renovation, which made for its ever-beautiful architectural work.

Township Auditorium Events

The Township Auditorium stadium will be looking forward to its concert opener on April 13, as Brit Floyd handles the mic. Next in line to grace the stage is Giselle, particularly on the 19th of April 19. The proceeding day will have John Mellencamp wow the crowd with some of his trending hit tracks. 

As Leanne Morgan will be hoping to mount the stage on April 26 and 27, we will be having

  • MayMay 11 - Travis Tritt

  • May 17 - Rick James 

  • May 24 - Morris Day

Township Auditorium Seating Chart

The  Township Auditorium seats over 3000 persons, with its architectural layout. A long aisle demarcates the two rows of seats.

How to Get the Cheapest Tickets for Events in Township Auditorium

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How to Get to Township Auditorium

You can make your way to the Township Auditorium through a bus or a car.

Getting to Township Auditorium via Public Transportation

There are a plethora of Ubers at major parks in South Carolina waiting to convey you to the Township Auditorium.

Arriving to Township Auditorium by Car

The pathway to the Township Auditorium guarantees a smooth ride, if you're coming to the venue by car.

Does Township Auditorium have On-site Parking

The Township Auditorium has a few on-site parking lots within its vicinity.

How Much Does Parking in Township Auditorium Cost

There is usually no price attached to the parking garages in the Township Auditorium. Although this would be the status quo in some on-street parking lots, some fix the price for parking at £1.30 to £3.