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Arsenal FC Tickets

Arsenal FC

Manager: Mikel Arteta (2019-present)

League: Premier League (England)

Star Players: Bukayo Saka, Leandro Trossard, Ben White, Martin Odegaard, Declan Rice, Kai Havertz

Legendary Former Players: Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie, David Seaman, Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Cliff Bastin, Charlie George, David O'Leary, Robert Pires, Robert Pires, Lee Dixon

Championship Titles: Premier League/First Division (13), FA Cup (14), UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1)

Arsenal FC

Until the last few seasons, Arsenal FC fans had spent many years at their team’s games with their heads bowed, watching as yet another season slipped away to a careless defensive blunder, a missed chance, or a goalkeeping mistake. They also seemed to love getting red cards for quite some time. And yet this all seemed a bit silly to fans of other teams not as accustomed to the highs that Arsenal FC (known lovingly as The Gunners) took their fans to in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Nevertheless, the struggle in recent years has been real, despite current manager Mikel Arteta’s much-memed exhortations for everyone to “trust the process.” That said, he at last seems to have been proven right, with Arsenal FC pushing Manchester City FC right to the end in 2022-23 and doing the same again in 2023-24 (as of writing, this year’s title has not yet been confirmed!) within one of the most competitive times in Premier League history. But Arsenal FC’s many fans around the world still want more. First they want the Premier League back, and then they want the title in the one place where it has always eluded them: Europe. With such a great young team right now, the time seems right for Arsenal FC to seize the Premier League (and UEFA Champions League?) from City’s grasp. Get a preview of the season and see Arsenal FC on tour in America this summer—buy your Arsenal FC tickets from TicketX today!

How can I get cheap tickets to Arsenal FC games?

Arsenal FC is one of the most popular teams from the globally followed English Premier League, and so tickets to Arsenal FC matches this summer in America are sure to sell out fast due to high demand. For your best shot at the cheapest tickets to this summer’s Arsenal FC matches, check the TicketX listings on this page and use our handy TicketX seating chart to compare prices and seat locations. Unlike other resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster that vary fees by venue, ticket type, or ticket price, TicketX sticks with a fixed fee of 20%. Buy your Arsenal FC tickets from TicketX with just one click for the lowest commission fees! 

Upcoming Arsenal FC Games

Arsenal FC has several big upcoming games in the United States that you won’t want to miss:

How much do tickets to Arsenal FC soccer games cost?

Tickets to Arsenal FC soccer games starting from $93.46 at SoFi Stadium on Jul 27 are available from TicketX. Prices are subject to change due to demand and other factors, so seize the moment and buy your tickets today!

Arsenal FC History

Arsenal FC have a long and proud history as, by the numbers, they are the third most successful soccer team in English history (behind only Manchester United and Liverpool FC) and have the longest streak of remaining in the top flight un-relegated (their last, and only, relegation, was in 1913…). In the minds of most fans nowadays, however, Arsenal FC is indelibly linked to the legacy of one man: Arsene Wenger. Initially considered wildly innovative (for introducing things like broccoli and not drinking a six pack after each game…) and then stubbornly un-innovative in his later years, Wenger entered the Premier League as an unknown foreign (French) manager at a time when being Scottish was considered exotic amongst managers in English soccer, and leagues like Serie A and La Liga were considered far more skilful and cultured. Not only did Wenger help to bring professionalism (and some amazing French players) to the English game, but he revolutionized tactics, style, and psychology, all to an extent that one cannot imagine what the Premier League would look like today without him. Under Wenger, Arsenal won three Premier League titles (challenging the reign of Alex Ferguson’s powerful Manchester United), including an entire season when they went unbeaten, which led to that team becoming known as The Invincibles. Arsenal also won the FA Cup 8 times, leaving them with a record total of 14. Wenger departed in 2018, after which the club struggled for several years before rising again to become title contenders under ex-player Mikel Arteta. Get your tickets from TicketX to see the latest incarnation of Arsenal FC this summer in America!

Arsenal FC Rivalries

Arsenal FC‘s main rivalries are generally with other London clubs (with games between them known as London derbies), meaning that Chelsea FC and especially Tottenham Hotspur have traditionally been their biggest local rivals. Games against Tottenham Hotspur are known as North London Derbies and are always hotly contested affairs, usually with plenty of goals (and the odd red card or two). Games with fellow Londoners Fulham and West Ham United are also often quite testy affairs. Legendary Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger and Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson were known for their clashes and barbs (mostly via the media) as their teams vied for dominance in the 1990s and early 2000s, while the last few years have seen a friendly(ish) rivalry between Manchester City FC and Arsenal FC as they have battled for titles. City manager Pep Guardiola was also a mentor to Arteta, meaning that there is a sort of master-pupil dynamic at play as well. Get your tickets from TicketX to see Arsenal FC play in America this summer, including a match against rivals Manchester United!

Are Arsenal FC games exciting?

Whether you are already a massive soccer fan or just curious to find out what all the fuss is about, attending an Arsenal FCgame in person is an experience that you will never forget. Purchase your Arsenal FCtickets right now from TicketX!

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