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El Alfa

Born: December 18, 1990 (33 years old)

Genre: Dembow, Latin Urban

Top Albums:

  • El Hombre (2018)

  • El Androide (2020)

  • Dembow Worldwide Hits Teteo 42(2023)

Top Tracks:

  • Muevete Jevi

  • Tarzan

  • La Mamá de la Mamá

Emanuel Herrera Batista

Emanuel Herrera Batista, commonly known as El Alfa, is a prominent Dominican rapper in the dembow genre. He rose to fame with hits like "Muevete Jevi" and "Tarzan," amassing millions of YouTube views. His distinctive rapid-fire rhymes and gritty voice set him apart.

His albums El Hombre (2018) and El Androide (2020) reached the Billboard Latin Top Ten. In 2022, he released Sabiduria and Sagitario, both in the Latin Top 30. In 2023, his album Dembow Worldwide Hits Teteo 42 also charted high. El Alfa has collaborated with artists like Farruko, Cardi B, and Bryant Myers.

El Alfa 2024 Tour

Tour Name: El Mejor Del Planeta (The Best on the Planet)

Tour Dates: September 10 - December 8, 2024

Dembow’s biggest star and Dominican superstar El Alfa announced his 2024 El Mejor Del Planeta Tour dates on May 1, 2024. His fans will have the chance to enjoy his dembow bangers live in concert. The campaign will kick off on September 10 at the Union in Salt Lake City, UT.

Throughout September, November, and early December, he will perform in major cities, including Ontario, CA; Miami, FL; Buffalo, NY; Newark, NJ; and Atlanta, GA.  The tour will wrap up on December 8 at the Eagle Bank Arena in Washington, DC. The tour will be produced by Loud And Live.

How Much Are El Alfa Show Tickets?

Ticket resale site

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El Alfa ticket prices are contingent on location, popularity, and sometimes the reselling platform you are patronizing. To case this point, we compared the prices of tour tickets for his concert at Toyota Arena in Ontario, Canada, on September 15 with his show at Atlanta Coliseum in Duluth, Georgia, on November 30, and another performance at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia on December 8.

Venue: Toyota Arena, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 15

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Venue:  Atlanta Coliseum, Duluth, Georgia, U.S.

Date: November 30

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Venue:  EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.

Date: December 8

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El Alfa 2024 El Mejor Del Planeta Tour Details

Tour Opener

The campaign does not yet have an opening act, as it focuses on Alfa from start to finish. Perhaps details regarding this will be announced closer to the string of events, so one can keep tabs on his official website and social media handles to get in on the info. Usually, he his joined on stage by other stars like Bad Bunny and Peso Pluma.

El Alfa Setlist

His setlist is known for its high-energy and infectious tracks. While the exact songs may vary depending on the venue and dates, fans can expect to groove to some of his iconic hits, as was the practice at the Rolling Loud Festival on July 22, 2023, at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL, USA, from the

  • 4K

  • La romana (Bad Bunny cover)

  • Los aparatos

  • La mamá de la mamá (with CJ)

  • Whoopty (CJ cover) (with CJ)

  • Coronao Now

  • Plebada

  • La mamá de la mamá (Remix)

The artist’s performances often incorporate elements of dembow, Latin, and urban music, creating an atmosphere that keeps audiences dancing all night long.

How Long Are El Alfa Concerts?

Based on past performances and information from the, his concerts typically last around 2 hours, providing fans with evenings of near-non-stop music, dance, and overall entertainment.

El Alfa Tour Merch

As El Alfa has yet to embark on his tour for 2024 and share the official campaign merchandise range, we cannot be sure what tour merch fans can expect. However, based on his 2023 tour merch, as well as what’s obtainable from El Jefe Money Record, fans might be able to make the following finds:



El Alfa World Tour T-shirts (Black)


El Alfa Tamo En Hoja T-shirt


El Alfa El Jefe T-shirt (New Version)


El Alfa Sweater Hoodie (Black)

$59.99 (on sale from $69.99)

El Alfa T-shirt (Black)


El Alfa’s Upcoming Shows






Baja Beach Fest 2024

Rosarito Beach

August 9th-11th

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Rosarito, Mexico

Summer Concert

The O2 Arena

August 2


London, U.K.

El Alfa Last Tour Review

Tour Name: Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante Tour 2023

Tour Dates:  September 10th- December 8, 2023

The Dominican superstar took his Billboard-topping El Mejor Del Planeta Tour 2023 across the United States and other parts of the world. Produced by Loud And Live, the tour started on September 10 in Salt Lake City, UT, and ended on December 8 in Washington, DC, with stops in major cities such as Miami, FL, Buffalo, NY, Newark, NJ, and Atlanta, GA.

From the moment the Dominican took the stage, it was clear that this tour would celebrate his rise in the urban music market. One of the most popular artists in Latin America, El Alfa delivered a series of mind-blowing concerts, performing his signature dembow movements and popular tunes. The tour showcased his success in the dembow genre and his ability to elevate it to new heights.

Spectators anticipated performances of El Alfa’s most popular songs, featuring collaborations with artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Peso Pluma. Tracks such as “La Romana,” “Que Calor,” and “Plebada” kept the audience dancing nonstop. A standout moment was his duet with Kali Uchis on “Muñekita,” highlighting his versatility and willingness to experiment with different music genres.

The staging was impeccable. Each concert featured brilliant stage design, perfect lighting, and exceptional sound quality, creating an amazing visual and auditory experience. His dynamic stage presence and interaction with the audience enhanced the visuals, making every performance engaging and energetic. Whether performing solo or with other artists, the energy remained high, captivating the audience throughout the show.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive aspect of the tour was his carriage and the way he communicated with the audience. His audible and visible appreciation of their support was evident during all the performances. He took the time to express his gratitude, share personal stories, and convey how much he valued their dedication to his music. This created an intimate connection, making each concert feel like a personal celebration.

However, not all feedback was entirely positive. Some fans complained about certain dance numbers seeming repetitive, with beats and rhythms that sounded quite similar. While many appreciated his fresh and engaging performance, some noted that the choice of songs felt limited and suggested that a broader selection could have further enriched the experience.

Despite these minor criticisms, the overall response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. The Tour, which has been one of his best-performing yet, demonstrated talent for bringing dembow to the masses and ensuring they had a great time. His performances were not just energetic shows but cultural displays that highlighted Dominican music.

The tour concluded in Washington, D.C., fittingly marking the end of an exemplary journey. As the final notes played and the stage went dark, the audience left with thoughts of the marvelous show they had just witnessed. El Mejor Del Planeta Tour 2023 was a testament to his career, discipline, and appreciation for his fans.

In every sense, the tour lived up to its name, proving that he’s one of the best urban music artists in the world. His audience eagerly anticipates his future projects and his influence in the music scene continues to grow steadily.

About El Alfa

His journey started in local clubs, where his electrifying stage presence and rapid-fire rhymes turned heads. Tracks like "Muevete Jevi" and "Tarzan" became anthems, his unique blend of Dembow, hip-hop, and dancehall a breath of fresh air. But El Alfa craved more than local fame.

Fueled by ambition, he started collaborating with international heavyweights like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Peso Pluma. Tracks like "La Romana" and "Que Calor" exploded globally, putting Dembow on the map and solidifying his status as a pioneer. He doesn't shy away from pushing boundaries, and his latest track, "Muñekita," featuring the sultry vocals of Kali Uchis and City Girls' JT, proves he can bridge musical worlds effortlessly.

With 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, his music transcends language. He's more than a performer; he's an ambassador, bringing the electrifying energy of Dembow to the world. So, his reign as the undisputed king of his bubble is far from over.

He has played a pivotal role in globalizing dembow music from the Dominican Republic and has collaborated with international stars like Bad Bunny on "La Romana," J Balvin on "Que Calor," and Peso Pluma on "Plebada." Recently, he worked with Kali Uchis and JT from City Girls on "Muñekita." He has amassed over 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

El Alfa 2024 Net Worth

The exact net worth of celebrities is an intriguing topic that fans often discuss to gauge the success of their favorite artists. El Alfa is one such artist who has worked tirelessly to reshape the modern music scene.

Initially influenced by barbering, he realized that music was his true passion and began his journey at 17 years old. He put out his debut single in 2009. Employed as "The King of Dembow," he has established a dominant position in the field over the years. He has released five studio albums: Disciplina, El Hombre, El Androide, Sabiduria, and Sagitario, along with the extended play Dembo$EP, which judiciously depicts the type of artist he is.

His singles have won ALMA Awards and earned nominations for Sociedad Central Argentina de Autores del Estado and Latin Grammy Awards. Collaborations with artists like Justin QuilesDaddy YankeeCamilo, and Becky G have further showcased his musical talent.

Music videos such as "Singapur (El Androide)" have garnered millions of views on platforms like YouTube.

In addition to his musical achievements, El Alfa's net worth is estimated to be $16 million via Celebrity Net Worth, indicating his adeptness at managing finances. Despite facing challenges, such as legal issues stemming from a controversial music video, he has overcome these hurdles.

At the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro awards, he received numerous nominations and won awards for his track "Bebé" in categories such as Male Revelation Artist and Song of the Year – Tropical. With these accomplishments, he has made significant contributions to the music industry and is esteemed and admired by fellow artists and the public alike.

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