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Lauren Daigle Tickets

Lauren Daigle

Born: September 9, 1991 (32 years)

Genre: Christian

Top Albums:

  • Look Up Child

  • Lauren Daigle

  • Behold

Top Tracks:

  • You Say

  • Rescue

  • Hold Onto Me

Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle is a contemporary Christian singer and songwriter born in Louisiana. Her parents often called her “the music box” because of her constant need to sing. Daigle’s first album, How Can It Be, came out in 2015 and reached the number-one spot on the Christian Airplay chart from Billboard. She has crossed the borders and found success in the secular world as well. She has two Grammy Awards, and her popular song “You Say” reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts, peaking at number 29.

Lauren Daigle Tour 2024

Tour Name: The Kaleidoscope Tour

Tour Dates: June 8-September 5

Lauren Daigle is heading out on tour to promote her self-titled album. She will hit cities like Birmingham, New York, and Des Moines. While most of the Kaleidoscope Tour is in the U.S., Daigle is still going international for a few stops in Italy, England, and the Netherlands.

As one of the hottest Christian artists on the market right now, tickets go fast any time she has a concert. Check TicketX to find the seats you want and get the lowest commission fees on the market.

How Much Are Lauren Daigle Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Lauren Daigle tickets (as of June 8):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Lauren Daigle Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Lauren Daigle ticket is from $41.83 at Atrium Health Amphitheater on Jul 31

The price of Lauren Daigle tickets varies based on the city, venue, and seat you choose. She is more popular in certain regions of the country than others. We compared the prices of Lauren Daigle tickets for Colorado Springs and Stanford (as of June 10).

Lauren Daigle Colorado Springs Tickets

Venue: Ford Amphitheatre (Sunset Amphitheatre), Colorado Springs, Colorado

Date: August 23, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Lauren Daigle Stanford Tickets

Venue: Frost Amphitheater, Stanford, California

Date: August 29, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Lauren Daigle Tour Details

Lauren Daigle Tour Opener

Lauren Daigle is taking quite a bit of talent with her on the Kaleidoscope Tour including Ellie Holcomb, Victory Boyd, and Blessing Offer as opening acts.

How Long Are Lauren Daigle Concerts?

The Mercury News reported that the Lauren Daigle concert was around two and a half hours long. With several opening acts, it makes sense to have a longer run time.

Lauren Daigle Setlist

Lauren Daigle's Tour setlist could change based on the venue and location. The songs that are popular in that area can also affect the list. According to, Daigle’s concert at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 30, 2024, had the following setlist:

  • These Are the Days

  • Waiting

  • New

  • Look Up Child

  • Trust in You

  • He’s Never Gunna Change

  • Be Okay

  • Valuable

  • Hold On to Me

  • Kaleidoscope Jesus

  • Rescue

  • Salvation Mountain

  • To Know Me

  • Everything/Do it Again/Good Good Father/Thank God I Do

  • How Can It be

  • O’Lord

  • Turbulent Skies

  • Still Rolling Stores

  • You Say

Lauren Daigle Tour Merch

On the official Kaleidoscope Tour Merch page, the following items are things fans should see on the merch tables on the road during this Lauren Daigle tour.



Crewneck Sweatshirt




Bucket Hat


Trucker Hat


Bracelet Set


Lauren Daigle Upcoming Concerts

With a busy tour schedule crossing the country and venturing into other countries, Lauren Daigle has not yet announced other dates, events, or appearances. Things could easily be added as the concert dates approach. Check TicketX frequently for updates on any added dates!

Lauren Daigle 2023 Tour Review

Tour Name: Kaleidoscope Tour 2023

Tour Dates: September 6-December 9

Lauren Daigle’s 2023 tour was also called Kaleidoscope and also promoted her latest album, which is self-titled. However, she brought different special guests on this tour, including Brandon Lake, Josh Garrels, and Crowder. She also hit different cities, like Phoenix, Wichita, and Seattle. She did not go overseas for any concerts in the 2023 tour.

On the Chicago Theater review page, fans raved about the show and said she connected with her audience and got her message across. They found her gifted, motivated, and sincere. Others were not surprised to learn that her music is crossing over into the mainstream since she has an unbelievable voice and performs with such grace.

Some concert-goers were not thrilled by the fact that their concert started half an hour late with the opening acts. That put Lauren Daigle, the main act they came to see, an hour and a half into things. Those who attended weeknight shows complained about wasted time between sets, especially if they brought younger fans along with them.

If you want to learn more about the 2024 Kaleidoscope tour, check TicketX for dates and venues.

About Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle started singing in choir and tried out for American Idol in both 2010 and 2012. She was cut from the competition in 2010 when 24 contestants were remaining. She debuted her recorded voice on a North Point InsideOut album and then continued as a background vocalist for a local band. Once that band released a single, she was invited to a workshop with Centricity Music, where she was asked to fill in when a singer at the main event fell ill. Her impressive performance got her a signing with the record label in 2013.

Lauren Daigle 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lauren Daigle’s net worth is around $6 million.

Net worth is hard to estimate as artists have money coming on from streaming, concerts, merchandise, and a whole host of other areas. Some financial information is private and others are hard to grasp.

Daigle also monetizes her YouTube Channel. Average YouTubers earn $3-$7 for every thousand views. Net Worth Spot estimates Lauren Daigle earns $52,000 a month this way, which would total to $624,000 a year.

Lauren Daigle is one of the most frequently played Christian artists in current times, and many of her popular songs have reached #1 on the Christian Charts. Some of her more popular songs are streamed between 100,000 and 200,000 times a day. If she makes $.003 per stream, she earns around $219,000 from streaming alone in a year.

Since she could make up to $100,000 per concert appearance and she has 31 concerts spanning 9 countries in 2024, that brings in another $3.1 million.

Excluding the merchandising and appearances that aren’t yet on the books, Lauren Daigle stands to bring in around $4 million on a yearly basis.

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