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Reneé Rapp Tickets

Aug 01



Grant Park

Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza with SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, blink-182 and many more - 4 Day Pass (August 1-4, 2024)

From $517.00

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Aug 02



Grant Park

Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza with SZA, Stray Kids, Laufey and many more - Friday Only Pass

From $399.60

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Sep 28



Merriweather Post Pavilion

Columbia, SC

All Things Go Festival DC with Laufey, Hozier, Bleachers and many more - 2 Day Pass (September 28-29, 2024)

From $732.61

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Sep 28



Forest Hills Stadium

Flushing, NY

All Things Go Festival NYC with Renee Rapp, Chappell Roan, Janelle Monae and many more - 2 Day Pass (September 28-29, 2024)

From $413.22

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Oct 04



Zilker Park

Austin, TX

Austin City Limits Festival Weekend One with Christ Stapleton, Dua Lipa, Tyler, The Creator and many more - 3 Day Pass (October 4-6, 2024)

From $643.70

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Oct 05



Zilker Park

Austin, TX

Austin City Limits Festival Weekend One with Dua Lipa, Pretty LIghts, Khruangbin and many more - Saturday Only Pass

From $357.20

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Oct 11



Zilker Park

Austin, TX

Austin City Limits Festival Weekend Two with Chris Stapleton, Dua Lipa, Tyler, The Creator and many more - 3 Day Pass (October 11-13, 2024)

From $463.54

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Reneé Rapp

Age: 24 (January 10, 2000)

Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, R&B

Top Albums:

  • Snow Angel (Deluxe)

  • Snow Angel

  • Mean Girls

Top Tracks:

  • Too Well

  • Not My Fault (with Megan Thee Stallion)

  • In The Kitchen

Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp rose to fame with the role of Regina George in the Broadway musical, Mean Girls and its subsequent film adaptation in 2024. She also sang the soundtrack to the film. After receiving the award for best actress at Charlotte's Blumey Awards and the prestigious Jimmy Awards in 2018, she rose to national fame. Whether acting or singing – she is multi-talented and captivates her fans with her soulful voice.

Reneé Rapp Tour 2024

There is no upcoming Reneé Rapp tour in 2024. Check back later for new tour dates.

Although there is currently no tour, Reneé Rapp will appear at several national and international events in 2024. Grab your tickets at TicketX.

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How Much Are Reneé Rapp Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Reneé Rapp tickets (as of June 18):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Reneé Rapp Ticket Price

Vivid Seats




On TicketX, the cheapest Reneé Rapp ticket is from $357.20 at Zilker Park on Oct 05

Reneé Rapp Tour Details

How Long Are Reneé Rapp Concerts?

Based on her last tour, on average, you can expect their concert to go on for around 1 hour.

Reneé Rapp Setlist

Reneé Rapp's Tour setlist may change depending on the concert venue and dates. The following list is based on the May 19, 2024, concert at Gulf Shores, Alabama, from the

  • Talk Too Much

  • Poison Poison

  • Bruises

  • Not My Fault

  • Pretty Girls

  • Colorado

  • Swim

  • The Wedding Song

  • Willow

  • Too Well

  • In the Kitchen

  • Tummy Hurts

  • Snow Angel

Reneé Rapp Tour Merch

As Reneé Rapp has yet to embark on her tour for 2024, we cannot be sure what tour merch fans can expect. However, we can make some speculations based on his 2023 tour merch:



Snow Hard Feelings Tour Hoodie


Pretty Girls Hoodie


Snow Hard Feelings Tour T-Shirt


I hate T (East)


I hate T (West)


Big Heart Crop Tee


Snow Hard Feelings Poster


Reneé Rapp Upcoming Concerts






August 02


Chicago, IL

Osheaga Festival

August 03


Montreal, QC

Outside Lands

August 09


San Francisco, CA

Leeds Festival

August 23


Leeds, UK

Reading Festival

August 25


Reading, UK

All Things Go

September 29


Columbia, MD

Austin City Limits

Oct 05, 12


Austin, TX

Reneé Rapp Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Snow Hard Feelings Tour

Tour Dates: September 15–March 04

Reneé Rapp launched the Snow Hard Feelings Tour in 2023 and thrilled audiences in the United States, Canada, and Europe with her electrifying performances. California, New York, and Texas, for example, were delighted to see her musical visit. Her tour included 36 shows in total.

Fans generally highlight Reneé Rapp's performances positively—for example, her stage charisma and vocal talent. She has many vocal and stage-ready facets, and the singer creates a connection with her audience. Some visitors expressed disappointment about problems with ticket distribution, especially at venues with limited visibility due to high VIP ticket sales. Despite these challenges, fans praise the professionalism of the event staff.

Keep up with TicketX to stay updated should Reneé Rapp's announce an upcoming tour in 2024 on TicketX.

Reneé Rapp 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to Journal Bahrat, Reneé Rapp's net worth in 2024 is estimated at $7 million.

Forecasting net worth is difficult because several facets cannot be revealed, with factors such as assets, investments, and liabilities being paramount. This remains particularly the case regarding revenues, from diverse factors such as music streaming, acting gigs, and endorsements. Calculation remains rather speculative.

For elaborate details about the difficulties of computing net worth, specifically in the entertainment industry, which applies to artists like Lil Baby, you can read more of TicketX’s writing about the topic here.

TicketX calculates annual income using official reports such as Billboard charts to determine streaming figures and earnings per stream. An estimate of an artist's average annual earnings can be derived by analyzing past tour revenues and streaming data, offering insights into their financial performance and income sources. The following data is based on details offered by Journal Bahrat and Kworb.

  • Net worth in 2023: $6 million

  • Yearly income: $1 million+

  • Monthly income: $0.1 million+

  • Source of income: singing, acting, song-writing

  • Spotify streams in total: 719,093,483

Average earnings per stream vary between $0.003 and $0.007 for artists in similar genres.

Example calculation (assuming an average of $0.005 per stream):

  • Total earnings from Spotify streams = Total number of streams × Average earnings per stream

  • 719,093,483 x $0.005 = $3,595,467.415

Therefore, based on these assumptions, Reneé Rapp could have earned approximately $3,595,467.42 (around $3.6 million) from her Spotify streams. Actual earnings can vary based on contract terms with record labels, licensing fees, and other factors.

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