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NHL Stanley Cup Finals

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Dates: TBD (early to mid-June)

Venues: TBD

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NHL Stanley Cup Finals

As the final series of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs that determine each year’s Stanley Cup Champions, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are one of the most exciting and popular sporting events on the sporting calendar. This is the time in every NHL hockey season when the stakes are highest, the playoff beards are longest, and (because the NHL Stanley Cup Finals generally take place in June nowadays) the weather outside makes everyone wonder why a bunch of burly men are still chasing a puck around a sheet of frosty ice at this time of year. To win a championship in any sport is the achievement of a lifetime, but the NHL Stanley Cup Finals come with an added incentive: the magical Stanley Cup itself. Large, silver, and shaped as a bowl atop a large cylinder with the names of previous champions carved into its metal, the Stanley Cup is one of the world’s great iconic trophies, up there with the World Cup of soccer, the Claret Jug of golf’s British Open, and football’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are where dreams are made, hearts (and sometimes teeth) are broken, and at the end of it all, someone gets to lift (and kiss/drink champagne out of) the Stanley Cup. And you can be there to see it all!

How can I get the cheapest tickets to 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals games?

With so much at stake for coaches, players, and especially fans, NHL Stanley Cup Finals games are the most popular hockey games of the year. NHL Stanley Cup Finals games generally sell out within seconds of their release, with fans desperate to be there in person to witness their team’s (often long-awaited!) big shot at glory. With so much demand and season ticket holders having priority, tickets to NHL Stanley Cup Finals games can be difficult to find. For your best chance at scoring the cheapest tickets to NHL Stanley Cup Finals games, trust TicketX! TicketX lists all NHL Stanley Cup Finals tickets as they become available and our handy seating chart is a great way to compare prices and seat locations. NHL Stanley Cup Finals tickets can be all yours from TicketX with a single click, with the lowest commission fees around!

When will the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals be taking place?

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs usually get going a few days after the end of the NHL Regular Season, which ends this year on April 18, 2024. Because the three rounds (First Round, Second Round, Conference Finals) of best of seven series that precede the Stanley Cup Finals can obviously vary in length, the exact dates for the Stanley Cup Finals will be confirmed at the conclusion of the Conference Finals. In general, the Stanley Cup Finals usually take place from early to mid-June. 

Be sure to check back on this TicketX page or our 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs tickets page for updates to the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs schedule (including the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals) as they are announced, along with all available tickets

Where will the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals be taking place?

The 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals will be shared between two arenas: the home arena of the Eastern Conference Champion (i.e. the winners of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals) and the home arena of the Western Conference Champions (the winners of the NHL Western Conference Finals). Because each matchup involves a best-of-seven series, the team with the superior record (higher seed) during the 2023-2024 NHL Regular Season will host a maximum of 4 home games (if necessary), while the lower seeded team will host a maximum of 3 home games (if necessary). Both teams will each host a minimum of 2 home games. Because the NHL is split into Eastern and Western Conferences (with 8 teams qualifying from each conference), potential venues are spread out across the breadth of Canada and the United States. Note that out of the 32 teams in the NHL, 7 teams are from Canada while 25 teams are from the United States

Which NHL teams will be playing in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals? When will we know which teams will be playing in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals? 

Because the 16 NHL teams that qualify for the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are chosen based on their overall results over the 82 games of the 2023-2024 NHL Regular Season, the playoff picture can change right up until April 18, when the final games of the Regular Season are played. Because the best 8 teams from each Conference (Eastern and Western) qualify for the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, some teams have already mathematically booked their place. Other teams are still in contention for one of the final spots (while some others are already heading for the beach or the golf course…). All the teams that qualify for the Playoffs obviously have a chance of making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals!

NHL teams that could potentially play in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Eastern Conference

Already Qualified: New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers

Still in Contention: Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils

Western Conference

Already Qualified: Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Avalanche

Still in Contention: Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, Nashville Predators, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota Wild, Seattle Kraken, Calgary Flames

How do the NHL Stanley Cup Finals work? What is the format of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

As the final culminating series of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are a best of seven series between the Eastern Conference Champions and the Western Conference Champions. As a team requires 4 victories to win the Stanley Cup, each NHL Stanley Cup Finals series lasts between 4 games (a sweep) and 7 games. There is nothing as intense as a Game Seven decider in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals!

Also, unlike in the Regular Season where ties (draws) are decided with a 5-minute 3-on-3 overtime period followed by a shootout (if necessary), any NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs game that ends in a tie after three periods enters the dreaded (but so exciting!) world of sudden death overtime. This means that the game goes on until somebody ends it by scoring a goal. Usually this occurs within the first overtime period, but previous NHL Stanley Cup Finals have seen much longer sudden death overtime games (double overtime, triple, even more) upon occasion. 

Who will win the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

In the Eastern Conference, the teams to beat in 2024 seem to be the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, and Carolina Hurricanes, though the Florida Panthers may also have something to say about that. Torontonians (though no one else from Canada!) will be hoping that the Toronto Maple Leafs can surprise some teams and end the 31-year Stanley Cup Canadian team drought (and Leafs’ 57-years drought!). 

In the Western Conference, many experts have long tipped the Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars to be the teams to watch, but the Vancouver Canucks have come out of nowhere this year to record their first 100 point season in a decade. The Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers may also bolster the Canadian contingent, while the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Vegas Golden Knights, still not yet qualified, will be hoping to repeat their 2023 success.

Who are the players to watch in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Obviously, every team that makes the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs will have exciting players to watch, but for a shortlist from around the league, here are a few to keep your eye on. For spectacular goals and crucial assists, look no further than top scorers like Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche, Connor MacDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and David Pasternak of the Boston Bruins. For defensive stalwarts, Quinn Hughes of the Vancouver Canucks, Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche, and Evan Bouchard of the Edmonton Oilers are all very hard to get past, as are top goalies Sergei Bobrovsky of the Florida Panthers, Jeremy Swayman of the Boston Bruins, and Igor Shesterkin of the New York Rangers. That said, the Playoffs have a way of creating legends of unsung and unknown heroes too!

What is the Stanley Cup? What is the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup is one of the oldest, most iconic, and most beautiful trophies in all of professional sports. The Cup was donated by Lord Stanley, Governor General of Canada, in 1892 to be awarded to Canada’s annual ice hockey champions decided by a set of playoffs. Contested at first by amateur teams, the Stanley Cup Playoffs soon evolved into a professional competition that was essentially taken over fully by the NHL (including American teams) from 1926 onward. The Stanley Cup has the names of all of its winners engraved on its sides and is known for its many strange adventures over the years. Players also actually use it as a cup, drinking champagne from the top of it! To learn more about the Stanley Cup and its Playoffs, a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is highly recommended.

Which teams have the best record in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

The Montreal Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups than any other team, with an astonishing 24 Cups to their name, with their Canadian archrivals the Toronto Maple Leafs on 13. With the Canadiens‘ last Cup coming in 1993, however, and the hapless Leafs most recent triumph coming way back in 1967, it has been a long time since either of these storied franchises have tasted silver. In fact, no team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup since the Canadiens in 1993, despite the Canucks, Flames, and Oilers all coming within a Game Seven of doing so. In recent decades, the increase in teams has inevitably led to the Stanley Cup being shared around a bit more, though the Detroit Red Wings, Colorado Avalanche, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, and the Tampa Bay Lightning have figured prominently. Last year, the Vegas Golden Knights, the newest team in the NHL, took the Finals by storm as they claimed the 2023 Stanley Cup. Who will add their name to the Cup in 2024? Get your tickets now from TicketX and find out!

Are NHL Stanley Cup Finals games exciting?

Attending an NHL Stanley Cup Finals game kind of feels like being inside a boiling, bubbling cauldron of energy, nerves, and anticipation, albeit a cauldron all surrounding a frigid white sheet of ice. There is nothing quite like the speed, skilly, and ferocity of any NHL hockey game, but with the Cup on the line, NHL Stanley Cup Finals games take this to a whole new level. The hits get harder, the shots come faster, and the goals mean more in the Finals. Many teams ask fans to dress in a certain color (as in Winnipeg’s Whiteouts) or participate in a certain tradition (Vancouver’s waving of white towels) to spur on the home team. How can you be there in the midst of all this fun and excitement? Get on TicketX right now and buy your NHL Stanley Cup Finals tickets before it’s too late!

2024 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Schedule

We will post the full 2024 Stanley Cup Finals schedule here as soon as it is announced.

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