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The Book of Mormon - New York

Genre: Broadway musical, comedy, satire (South Park)

Written by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Robert Lopez

Premiere: March 24, 2011 (Eugene O’Neill Theatre, New York City)

Broadway run: 2011-ongoing

The Book of Mormon - New York

The Book of Mormon completely rocked (and shocked!) Broadway when it exploded onto New York’s musical theater scene in 2011. Penned by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (along with Robert Lopez), no strangers to controversy, The Book of Mormon pushed the envelope in every way, poking sharp fun at religion, cultural differences, and human nature, all to hilarious ends! If you’ve never heard free-spirited uplifting songs laced with some of the most creative profanity imaginable, you’re in for something new when you see The Book of Mormon live on Broadway! Songs featured in the musical include the opening “Hello” as well as “Turn it Off”, the outrageous “Hasa Diga Eebowai” and many others. 

Read more about The Book of Mormon in our article: "Book of Mormon: Hell-o! Ding dong! Dirty Jesus Christ on Broadway" on TicketX Magazine.

How can I find the cheapest The Book of Mormon - New York tickets?

Even entering its fourteenth straight year on Broadway, The Book of Mormon shows no signs of stopping, remaining one of the most popular shows around. Tickets frequently sell out well in advance and so ticket prices to see The Book of Mormon tend to be fairly high. If you are searching for the cheapest Book of Mormon tickets, TicketX is the place to find them. On TicketX, you can purchase the cheapest tickets with just one click for the lowest commission fees. Book well in advance for your best chance at landing the cheapest tickets to see The Book of Mormon live on Broadway!

How much do The Book of Mormon - New York tickets cost?

You can find the cheapest tickets to see The Book of Mormon on TicketX, starting from $80-90. Purchase your tickets with a single click for the lowest commission fees. Prices vary depending on venues and dates, so please search ticket prices based on the events you are interested in attending.

Where can I see The Book of Mormon - New York? When can I see The Book of Mormon on stage in New York on Broadway? 

The Book of Mormon is still performed at the same place where it all began, at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City on Broadway. Performances typically occur several times per week, usually starting at 7 pm but with occasional matinees on weekends (usually 1 or 2 pm). See our TicketX listings (above) to find tickets for all available dates.

How funny is The Book of Mormon - New York?

If you have never been in a huge theater full of people falling off their seats laughing, The Book of Mormon will be quite the experience! Never have beautifully sung songs and superb orchestration been coupled with so many gasps and laughs in one production before. 

How did The Book of Mormon - New York become so popular? Has The Book of Mormon won any Tony awards?

The Book of Mormon quickly became one of the most talked about new musical productions as soon as it premiered on Broadway in 2011. It won an incredible nine Tony Awards, including the most-coveted title of Best Musical. To learn more about The Book of Mormon’s incredible rise, check out the article “Book of Mormon: Dirty Jesus Christ on Broadway” in our TicketX Magazine today.

The Book of Mormon on Tour (2024)

As well as its main production on Broadway in New York, The Book of Mormon also frequently tours through many cities in America and around the world (including London’s vaunted West End). Check below to find out when The Book of Mormon will be visiting a city near you!

The Book of Mormon on Tour (2024) - Tour Dates, Cities, and Venues

Here are the dates, cities, and venues for The Book of Mormon‘s 2024 US Tour

  • Mar 29-30 - Davenport, IA, Adler Theatre

  • Apr 1-2 - Stillwater, OK, McKnight Center for the PA

  • Apr 5-7 - San Antonio, TX, Majestic Theatre

  • Apr 9-14 - St. Louis, MO, The Fabulous Fox Theatre

  • Apr 16-21 - Tampa, FL, Straz Center

  • Apr 23 - Paducah, KY, The Carlson Center

  • Apr 26-28 - Waterbury, CT, The Palace Theatre

  • Apr 30-May 1 - York, PA, Strand Theatre

  • May 2 - Williamsport, PA, Community Arts Center

  • May 3-5 - Rochester, NY, Auditorium Theatre

  • May 7 - Athens, GA, Classic Center

  • May 8 - Spartanburg, SC, Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium

  • May 9 - Roanoke, VA, The Berglund Center

  • May 10-12 - Norfolk, VA, Chrysler Hall

  • May 14 - Lima, OH, Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center

  • May 15 - Owensboro, KY, Riverpark Center

  • May 17-19 - Lubbock, TX, Buddy Holly Hall

  • Sep 10-15 - Chicago, IL, The Palace Theatre

  • Oct 1-6 - Philadelphia, PA, The Kimmel Center

  • Oct 15 - Morgantown, WV, WVU Canady Creative Arts Center

  • Oct 22-27 - Orlando, FL, Dr Phillips Center

  • Nov 12-17 - Vancouver, BC, Canada, Queen Elizabeth Theatre

  • Nov 19-24 - Edmonton, AB, Canada, Northern Jubilee Auditorium

  • Nov 26-Dec 1 - Calgary, AB, Canada, Southern Jubilee Auditorium

  • Dec 17-22 - Houston, TX, Orpheum Theatre

  • Jan 21-26, 2025 - Salt Lake City, UT, The Hobby Center

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