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Shoreline Amphitheatre Events

One Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 US

Shoreline Amphitheatre

Capacity: 22,500

Opened: 1986

About Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Shoreline Amphitheatre, located in Mountain View, California, is an iconic outdoor venue renowned for its distinctive architecture and expansive capacity. Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, this amphitheater has become a cultural landmark, offering a diverse array of live entertainment options, from concerts and festivals to community events.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Events

Over the years, the Shoreline Amphitheatre has been a stage for a diverse lineup of live events, including shows by internationally acclaimed artists and bands from various genres. Given its history, the amphitheater is set to continue attracting notable performers. Several well-known artists have already announced their concerts for this year.

Here are the lineups in 2024.

May 2024

  • May 28, 7:00 PM: Avril Lavigne, All Time Low & Royal and The Serpent

June 2024

  • Jun 7, 7:00 PM: Brooks And Dunn

  • Jun 15, 6:30 PM: Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & Arizona

July 2024

  • Jul 3, 7:00 PM: New Kids On The Block

  • Jul 17, 7:00 PM: Hootie and The Blowfish

  • Jul 25, 8:00 PM: Barbie: The Movie - In Concert

  • Jul 26, 7:30 PM: Niall Horan

August 2024

  • Aug 3, 5:30 PM: Outlaw Music Festival: Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan & John Mellencamp

  • Aug 7, 7:00 PM: Alanis Morissette, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts & Morgan Wade

  • Aug 14, 7:00 PM: Tyler Childers

  • Aug 17, 6:00 PM: Good Vibes Cali Tour: Rebelution, Kolohe Kai, Matisyahu, Cydeways & DJ Mackle

  • Aug 23, 6:00 PM: Slightly Stoopid & Dirty Heads

  • Aug 27, 7:00 PM: Santana & Counting Crows

September 2024

  • Sep 3, 6:30 PM: Five Finger Death Punch

  • Sep 4, 6:30 PM: Thirty Seconds to Mars & AFI

  • Sep 7, 6:25 PM: Train, REO Speedwagon & Yacht Rock Revue

  • Sep 10, 8:00 PM: Hozier

  • Sep 14, 7:00 PM: Dan And Shay, Jake Owen & Dylan Marlowe

  • Sep 22, 4:00 PM: Kidz Bop Live

October 2024

  • Oct 6, 6:30 PM: Korn

  • Oct 18, 6:30 PM: Meghan Trainor, Paul Russell & Chris Olsen

Past Shoreline Amphitheatre Concerts and Tours

Shoreline Amphitheatre has hosted a diverse range of events and nationally and internationally acclaimed artists across various music genres, including Grateful Dead, Post Malone, The Chainsmokers, Janet Jackson and many more! The venue has also hosted popular music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Ozzfest. These lineup showcases the versatility and popularity of the ground.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Seating Chart

Shoreline Amphitheatre boasts a unique design, with a capacity to host up to 22,500 guests, with 6,500 reserved seats and 16,000 general admission on the lawn. Its shell-shaped stage and surrounding grassy slopes create an inviting atmosphere for concert-goers. TicketX can offer you the suitable seats along with your preference. With our handy seating chart, you can compare different seating options to find tickets that match your price range and location preferences.

For lovers of music, Shoreline Amphitheatre is a wonderful sanctuary. Its several areas of seats are designed to suit different tastes, guaranteeing each attendee an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Please choose the best seating by your preference and purposes.

Reserved Seatings

The Reserved Seating area is in front and offers the best views of the show. The fixed chairs stretch smoothly toward the stage, guaranteeing a close-up and personal experience with the show. There is plenty of room for mobility and good legroom in the three subsections (100s, 200s, and 300s) of this portion. The 100s sections usually cover rows AA through Z, the 200s from A to Y, and the 300s from A to Z.

Lawn Seating

For a more laid-back performance experience, the Lawn Seating area at the back of the auditorium is perfect. Customers are free to select their location on the immaculate lawn as there is no designated seating. The space, which is separated into the General Admission and Reserved Lawn subsections, offers a cozy and roomy environment for standing or sitting. With its front location, the Reserved Lawn portion provides excellent views of the stage.

VIP Box Seating

The VIP Box Seating area faces the sides of the venue, offering an opulent experience. This section accommodates more upscale tastes and is divided into two subsections: VIP Box Seats and VIP Suites. The front VIP box seats include plenty of legroom, plush chairs, and an excellent view of the show. In the meantime, the VIP Suites at the back provide a quiet and exclusive setting with cozy chairs, a separate bar, and a personal waiter.

How to get the cheap Shoreline Amphitheatre tickets

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