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Matt Rife Tickets

Jul 25



Ovation Hall at Ocean Casino Resort

Atlantic City, NJ

Matt Rife

From $196.56

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Jul 26



Ovation Hall at Ocean Casino Resort

Atlantic City, NJ

Matt Rife

From $204.96

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Matt Rife

Age: 28 (September 10, 1995)

Genre: Observational comedy, Improvisational comedy, Satire

Top Comedy Specials:

  • Only Fans (2021)

  • Matthew Steven Rife (2023)

  • Walking Red Flag (2023)

Matt Rife

Matt Rife is an American comedian known for his quick-witted observational and improvisational comedy with a charismatic stage presence. Rife's journey from a small town near Columbus, Ohio, next to the Hollywood spotlight, began at fifteen. He rose to fame with his self-produced comedy specials and a recurring TV role on MTV’s “Wild 'n Out.” Rife has been recognized with an induction into the Mohegan Sun Arena Walk of Fame and featured in discussions for awards at the Critics Choice and Golden Globes.

Matt Rife Tour 2024

Tour Name: ProbleMATTic World Tour

Tour Dates: June 14 – December 30

Matt Rife is returning with his highly-anticipated ProbleMATTic World Tour, which started on July 20, 2023, in Bend, Oregon, and is concluding on December 30, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois. The tour will cover every stage in the United States—from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Morrison, Colorado; Honolulu, Hawaii—and then go overseas with performances in Europe and Australia. More than 100 dates are lined up across 2023–2024, and a worldwide audience will soon have a chance to experience his own particular style of humor.

With over 13 million followers and over 2 billion views on TikTok worldwide, Matt has become a viral superstar in his own right. Rife's ProbleMATTic World Tour is all set to be a sell-out success.

Ticket demand is through the roof, and with Matt back in the spotlight after a brief health-related sabbatical, audiences are once again selling out the house. Don't let this chance for a great night of amusement and fun slip away—get your tickets now. Get the best value by booking through TicketX, which has the lowest commission fees in the business. Unlike any other resale site, TicketX's fees are fixed with no hidden surprises when you're ready to pay.

How Much Are Matt Rife's Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Matt Rife tickets (as of June 2024):

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Average Matt Rife Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Matt Rife ticket is from $196.56 at Ovation Hall at Ocean Casino Resort on Jul 25

The price of Matt Rife tickets can vary significantly depending on the location and popularity. For example, we compared the prices of ProbleMATTic World Tour tickets for his shows in Atlantic City and Honolulu.

Matt Rife Honolulu Tickets

Venue: Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii

Date: July 5, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Matt Rife Atlantic City Tickets

Venue: Ovation Hall at Ocean Casino Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Date: July 28, 2024

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Ticket Price











Matt Rife Tour Details

Matt Rife’s 2024 tour is set to be an exciting series of events. However, no information is currently available regarding the openers for his tour. Considering the trend from his previous tours, it's safe to assume that Matt Rife will likely do this tour solo.

How Long Are Matt Rife Shows?

The 2024 tour has only just resumed after Matt Rife took a break due to health-related issues. It's difficult to say whether he will maintain the status quo. However, based on his other events, his performances typically last 1.5 to 2 hours. The actual duration may vary depending on the event.

Matt Rife Set

Fans can expect a setlist that includes a mix of new material from his most recent specials, such as "Natural Selection" and "Walking Red Flag," as well as some of his well-known routines that have become fan favorites. His shows will also incorporate his signature audience interactions and improvised humor.

Matt Rife Tour Merch

Fans can expect a variety of merchandise based on his previous tours. Here are some items and their price ranges:



Embroidered Crewneck




ProbleMATTic Tour Tee


Let’s Goooo! Hoodie


Signed ProbleMATTic World Tour Poster


‘I’m ProbleMATTic’ Cropped Tee


Thas Craaazy! Hoodie




Certified Semen Demon Tee


Teddy Bear


Matt Rife's Upcoming Shows

As of June 17, Matt Rife has made no announcements for other upcoming shows. Keep an eye on TicketX for any new announcements about an upcoming show for Matt Rife.

Matt Rife Tour 2023 Review

Tour name: ProbleMATTic World Tour

Tour dates: July 20 – December 13

Matt Rife's ProbleMATTic World Tour was a big success in 2023, touring North America, Australia, and Europe. After opening at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater in Bend, Oregon, he followed it with notable appearances in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, New York, Chicago, Nashville, and Toronto, alongside Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan, and beyond. The tour was produced by Live Nation and saw a huge turnout, contributing to Rife’s impressive net worth of $30 million as of 2023.

The positive reviews focused on Rife's interaction with the audience, his sharpness, and the controversial humor keeping the crowd in check. Other reviews described his shows as combinations of smooth, observant comedy bits and very spontaneous interactions, such as the ones he had with event security and the spotlight operator that turned out to be crowd favorites. The negative reviews pointed out that no phones were allowed during the shows. Some of the fans also felt that, unlike Rife's social media content on TikTok and Facebook, which is very funny, his live performances did not come close to matching the humor and energy he had expressed in his online content.

Matt Rife 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

Various sources have estimated Matt Rife’s net worth in 2024. According to Forbes, he’s worth approximately $30 million. The income likely comes from real estate investing, comedy tours, revenues from acted-upon movies, and social media sponsorships.

Individuals' net worth, particularly that of celebrities such as Matt Rife, can be difficult to estimate due to undisclosed information and the fluctuating nature of assets and income sources. To assess Matt Rife's annual income, we must account for his earnings from streaming platforms, tour revenues, and other sources. According to Social Blade statistics, Matt Rife's estimated yearly revenues from YouTube alone range from $105.2K-$1.7M. His tour earnings have also been huge, with one source claiming that he sold 600,000 tickets globally in two days, totaling $43.5 million in sales. These figures are approximations, so they may not correctly reflect real net income after expenses and taxes.

Calculating average earnings from streams would need a thorough examination of the entire number of streams and the income earned by those streams, which is not readily available in the search results. For past tour revenue, we may examine the given figures and calculate an average based on the number of tours and accessible data. However, these figures will remain estimates given the absence of clear and official financial data.

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