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Born: November 7, 1996 (age 27)

Genre: Pop, Electropop, Indie pop

Top Albums:

  • Melodrama

  • Pure Heroine

  • Solar Power

Top Tracks:

  • Supercut

  • Writer In The Dark

  • Solar Power


Throughout her career, Lorde has been often described as a pop singer, but anyone experiencing her music for the first time and expecting Madonna or Britney Spears is in for a big (and possibly quite welcome) surprise. Lorde, who hails from New Zealand, is known for her atmospheric, ethereal sound, blending elements of electronica, indie music, and pure originality to produce music that stands on its own as uniquely hers.

Lorde New Album

Near the end of 2023, Lorde took to Instagram with a cryptic message about her rumored upcoming new album: “Start ur excitement on a low flame and bring it up to a gentle simmer,” wrote the Kiwi songstress, ”we building stamina for this chapter.” Work reportedly began on the album sometime in early 2023, and Lorde performed several previously unreleased songs at festivals that year, and speculation began that the new album could be out in early 2024. It is now June, and her fans are still waiting, though the March release of “Take Me to the River” (a cover), her first single since 2021, has definitely inflated the hype again.

Lorde Upcoming Events

Lorde has been keeping a low profile this year (working on that album, perhaps?) and is not currently scheduled to perform in 2024 in the United States or anywhere else. This could all change quickly, however, so be sure to keep checking back on TicketX for updates on additional concerts and festivals featuring Lorde (and all the cheapest tickets!).

Lorde 2023 Tour Review

Tour Name: Solar Power Tour 2022-2023

Tour Dates: March 8-December 11

Lorde was last on the road for her third epic world tour, the Solar Power Tour, in 2022-23. Concerts on this massive tour spanned North America, the UK, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Lorde’s native New Zealand. Lorde’s performances in Canada and the United States included such major hot spots as Meridian Hall (Toronto, ON, Canada), Radio City Music Hall (New York, NY), Chicago Theatre (Chicago, IL), Shrine Auditorium (Los Angeles, CA), and the Santa Barbara Bowl (Santa Barbara, CA).

Fans who attended concerts on the North American leg of Lorde’s Solar Power Tour could not praise it enough. One fan, who watched Lorde perform in Washington, D.C., compared the concert to Lorde’s previous performance in the city four years before, “Performing songs recorded in her adolescence,” wrote this fan. “[Lorde] displayed a newfound confidence with her more mature, powerful adult voice.” Another fan who saw Lorde perform at The Met Philadelphia praised the artist’s choice of smaller and more intimate venues, saying it provided an “exhilarating sensation of connection” and “a time that felt so magical and emotional.”

While Lorde has announced no plans to tour in 2024, be sure to check back on TicketX for updates on Lorde's appearances and concerts.

How Much Are Lorde Tickets?

The self-reported average prices of Lorde tickets are (as of June 10):

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About Lorde

After rising to worldwide fame at a very tender age, including three best-selling albums and three successful world tours, Lorde has chosen to pull back a bit in the last couple of years, both in terms of live appearances and her online presence. Some of this decision seems to have been influenced by a trip she took to Antarctica, which Lorde described as a life-changing experience that altered the way she thought about things. None of this has done anything to dampen the ardor of her loyal fanbase, however. If anything, it has made Lorde’s fans all the more eager for her upcoming album and next tour.

Lorde’s 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lorde’s net worth currently hovers at an estimate of approximately $18 million. The artist has accumulated much of her fortune over the course of her early career on the back of high record sales as well as sold-out concerts, merchandise, online media, and endorsements.

While calculating Lorde’s annual income precisely is incredibly difficult, her songs are streamed over 2.5 million times per day, based on Spotify’s estimate from June 9, 2024. That means that she banks approximately $10,000 per day from streaming alone, bringing in close to $3.65 million of annual income.

Lorde also reportedly makes about $100,000 per concert appearance. However, with no concerts set for 2024 (as of June 2024), it seems that she may not be making money from performing live this year, making it a somewhat atypical year for Lorde in terms of overall income.

Still, after we factor in merchandising, endorsements, and other sources of income, Lorde stands to rack up at least $4 million of income in 2024.

Fans should be aware that trying to estimate annual income and net worth is invariably a challenge due to the complex nature of collating income from diverse sources (ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements). Much financial information is also kept private.

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