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Luis Angel El Flaco Tickets

Jul 20



Arlington Theatre Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

Luis Angel "El Flaco" & Luis Antonio Lopez “El Mimoso”

From $161.83

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Aug 23



Grand Sierra Theatre at Grand Theatre at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino - Complex

Reno, NV

Luis Angel "El Flaco" Y Luis Antonio Lopez "El Mimoso"

From $114.24

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Oct 04



San Diego Civic Theatre

San Diego, CA

Luis Ángel - el Flaco & Luis Antonio López - el Mimoso

From $102.06

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Oct 19



Xperience Live Event Center

Orlando, FL


From $124.57

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Nov 15



Celebrity Theatre

Phoenix, AZ

Luis Ángel “El Flaco” & Luis Antonio López “El Mimoso”

From $122.53

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Nov 23



Centennial Hall - University of AZ

Tucson, AZ

Luis Ángel - el Flaco & Luis Antonio López - el Mimoso

From $109.06

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Luis Angel “El Flaco”

Born: March 7, 1984 (40 years)

Genre: Regional Mexican Music

Top Albums:

  • Hasta La Miel Amarga

  • La Ley de la Vida

  • Yo Tu Extranare

Top Tracks:

  • El Que Te Amo

  • Y Si Se Quiere Ir

  • Hasta La Miel Amarga

Luis Angel “El Flaco”

Luis Angel “El Flaco” was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa as Luis Angel Franco Rivera. His journey into the music world started at the age of 8. He studied opera and laid a foundation for his music career. Luis Angel “El Flaco” was the vocalist for the Banda Los Recoditos before he broke out on his own. Now, he’s left a mark on the industry with over two decades of distinct music in his past.

Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tour 2024

Tour Name: Dos Primos de Cuidado

Tour Dates: May 30-November 23

Luis Angel “El Flaco” and Luis Antonio "El Mimoso” have kicked off their tour, which has 50 musicians on stage. The duo is heading out on tour this summer and will spread his concerts across the U.S. well into the fall. He will stop in cities like Santa Barbara, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, among others.

Since this tour has limited dates, tickets will go fast. Check TicketX to grab your seats soon, knowing that you are getting the lowest fixed commission rates on the market!

How Much Are Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Luis Angel “El Flaco” tickets (as of June 8):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Luis Angel El Flaco Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Luis Angel “El Flaco” ticket is from $98.67 at San Diego Civic Theatre on Oct 04

The price of Luis Angel “El Flaco” tickets varies depending on location, venue, and date. For example, we compared El Flaco tour tickets for his concert on Friday, October 4, 2024, at the San Diego Civic Theatre in San Diego, California (as of June 9, 2024).

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Ticket Price

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Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tour Details

Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tour Opener

Luis Angel “El Flaco” is touring with Luis Antonio López ”El Mimoso” this year. They teamed up to present the “El Flaco” and the “El Mimoso” tour.

How Long Are Luis Angel “El Flaco” Concerts?

Based on the average setlist Luis Angel “El Flaco” presents to his fans, his concerts last about an hour and a half. When he pairs up with another artist, they both shorten their sets, and the concert goes on for about two hours.

Luis Angel “El Flaco” Setlist

El Flaco's Tour setlist may change depending on who else he is touring with, the date, the city, and the venue. Based on the concert at Revel Entertainment Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on June 10, 2024, here are some of the songs fans can expect, as reported by

  • Viaje y Epilogo

  • Las Cosa Tienen Movimiento

  • Un Viento Celeste

  • Filosofia Barata y Zapatas de Goma

  • Asilo en tu Corazon

  • Cementerio Club

  • Te Para 3

  • Alma de Diamante

  • La Mendigo

  • 8 de Octubre

  • Cancion de Amor para Olga

  • La Herida de Paris

  • Nelly no Me Mientas

  • Proserpina

  • Cabecita Calesita

  • Despierta en la Brisa

  • Ella Bailo

  • Yo Miro tu Amor

  • Mi Elemento

  • Tu Vuelo Al Fin


  • Duranzo Sangrando

  • Rutas Argentinas

Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tour Merch

El Flaco’s team is keeping tour merch close to their chests. They have not yet announced what fans will be able to buy at the concerts. But there are options on the market, such as those at Red Bubble, that show us there will be plenty of choices on the tour, such as some of these items:











Luis Angel “El Flaco” Upcoming Concerts

At the time of writing on June 10, 2024, Luis Angel “El Flaco” hasn’t announced any events, concerts, or appearances outside of his tour. However, other dates can always be added, and if that happens, TicketX will have the details!

Luis Angel “El Flaco” Tour Review from 2023

Tour Name: El Flaco

Tour Dates: September 16, 2022-September 23, 2023

Luis Angel “El Flaco” has used the same tour name, “El Flaco,” to go along with his name for a few years. He toured in 2022 and 2023 along with other singers to promote his music. Fans caught him in Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and Mexico City, among other locations.

El Flaco has been called the ‘new king of banda music’ by both critics and fans alike. Latin America Alternative TV says concert-goers often appreciate how he collaborates with the artists he brings along with him on the tour. It’s not just one artist after another, but rather a joint effort between them to make the concert everything it can be. His songs go from one to another. Some are go-to songs that help friends celebrate, while others are more melancholic in nature.

Others were at venues that didn’t have great sound control, and they judged Luis Angel “El Flaco” based on the bad sound at the concert. Some fans also found the tickets too costly, even for a smaller venue.

As Luis Angel “El Flaco” moves forward with his “El Flaco” tour, TicketX will have updates on added dates and appearances!

About Luis Angel “El Flaco”

Luis Angel “El Flaco” grew up in a financially disadvantaged home, but he attributed that upbringing to helping him find his passion for music early on. He has three brothers as well. Even once he found fame, his hardships were not behind him. His 21-year-old daughter, Maria Fernanda, passed away in a beach accident in Mexico just last year.

Luis Angel “El Flaco” 2024 Net Worth

Fan website BlinkX states that Luis Angel El Flaco has a net worth of around $20 million.

Net worth is hard to gauge as income fluctuates over the months. Celebrities don’t have regular, fixed incomes but rather money coming in from various sources.

Luis Angel “El Flaco” has income from a variety of places, such as music sales, concerts, endorsements, awards, acting, real estate, businesses, and investments. He has sold over 20 million records worldwide and endorses major brands like Coca-Cola. He has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards and even owns properties in several countries. His career spans a quarter of a century, and his recognizable voice on songs like “Y Si Se Quiere Ir” brought in more than 192 million views. He has 400 million views of that same song on YouTube, which brings in revenue from ads, and 140 million streams on Spotify. Luis Angel El Flaco also has his own clothing line and a restaurant. Not every celebrity amasses $20 million, but El Flaco has been in the industry for two decades. With his hard work and dedication to every avenue, he stands to pull in a good $5 million in 2024.

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