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Sheryl Crow Tickets

Age: 62

Genre: rock, pop, country, folk, and blues

Top tracks: All I Wanna Do, If It Makes You Happy, and Everyday Is a Winding Road

Top albums: Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow, Wildflower, and The Globe Sessions

Sheryl Crow

Born on February 11, 1962, in Kennett, Missouri, Sheryl Suzanne Crow rose to prominence in rock music as a result of her deep roots in rock and her well-crafted lyrics. Probably, that is the reason that her parents, who were both swing orchestra performers in the past, nourished her with a deep interest in music from the very beginning. A pianist, she wrote her first song at the age of 13.

Studying at the University of Missouri took her to major in music and playing keyboard in a cover band named Cashmere. Having graduated, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her ambitions in the music industry. However, her early career was not a bed of roses, as she started by doing jingles and touring as a backup singer forMichael Jackson.  However, she never gave up.

Her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, in 1993, turned out to be a big hit, and so were the songs If It Makes You Happy and Every Day Is a Winding Road. Throughout her career, she never stopped being creative; she explored a variety of genres, such as soul, R&B, and country.

Sheryl Crow’s Discographic Achievements

Crow's sophomore effort, Sheryl Crow, was released in 1996, and it demonstrated her talent as a songwriter.  The album had production difficulties, but it still managed to showcase her unique songwriting and won her Grammy awards, including Best Rock Album.

She further sealed her reputation as a rock star with the hits If It Makes You Happy and Everyday Is a Winding Road. The next albums she released, The Globe Sessions and C'mon C'mon, kept her on the platinum chart and received positive reviews.

Her capacity for diversity was demonstrated through projects such as Trouble in Shangri-La and soul-inspired 100 Miles from Memphis.  In 2019, she released Threads, a duet album featuring a variety of stars, and a symbol of her departure from the full-length studio albums.

In 2023, Crow was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which acknowledged her far-reaching impact on mainstream rock. Her 2024 album Evolution is a magnet for listeners with the same old tunes and her natural way of creating music.

Upcoming Sheryl Crow Events in 2024

With Sheryl Crow leading the way on June 13, The Piece Hall in Halifax forms the start of her line of shows. Later, she can be seen on the All-American Road Show of Chris Stapleton at the T-Mobile Park, Seattle.

Moving into August, she will be at The Dome at America's Center in St Louis on the 10th for P!NK. The day she goes to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with Zach Bryan. On the 14th of August, you will be able to see her again at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, for the Summer Carnival.

As the month gains momentum, she'll be making a stop at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, on August 18th, then Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, on August 21st. Next, on August 24th, Sheryl will perform at Soldier Field, Chicago, and Grizzly Stadium, Missoula, Montana, on August 28th.

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