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Age: 44 (born September 8, 1979)

Genre: Pop, R&B, rock

Top Tracks: Just Give Me A Reason, Try, Lady Marmalade, So What, What About Us, Just Like Fire, Raise Your Glass, Sober, Get the Party Started

Top Albums: I’m Not Dead, M!ssundaztood, Funhouse, The Truth About Love, Hurts 2B Human


Possessing one of the most instantly recognizable voices in American pop music, P!NK’s emergence in the late 1990s would eventually lead to her becoming one of the most popular artists of the 21st century. Many of her songs, a mixture of pop, rock, R&B, and alternative rock, contain more of an edge to them both as a result of the depth of their lyrics and the range of P!NK’s voice, which can range from earthy rasp to soaring cadence. P!NK has also been described as one of the most exciting live performers to see today due to her athleticism and stage presence. If you get the chance to catch P!NK on tour live in concert, do not miss it!


P!NK has won an astounding 100-plus awards from all over the world and across the musical and cultural spectrum. These honors include 3 Grammys, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 7 MTV Video Music Awards, and 2 Brit Awards.

How did P!NK rise to fame?

P!NK’s career as a singer had humble, and early, origins. From the age of 14 she was already writing lyrics and performing locally, followed by several brief stints with girl groups that didn’t really go anywhere. Her first solo single “There You Go” and first solo album “Can’t Take Me Home“ both hit the charts, but it was her collaboration “Lady Marmalade” with Christina Aguilera, L’il Kim, and Mya that really put P!NK into the headphones (and television screens) of every pop music lover in America. P!NK never looked back and is now one of the best selling solo artists of all time.

Past P!NK Collaborations

P!NK‘s career was really launched to the next level by her spectacular collaboration “Lady Marmalade” with Christina Aguilera, L’il Kim, and Mya for the blockbuster film Moulin Rouge. Many other collaborations with top artists from across the musical world have followed, including with Lisa Marie Presley, Justin Timberlake, Indigo Girls, Hilary Duff, Annie Lennox, Eminem, and Keith Urban, among many others. P!NK is also known for her work with charitable organizations. 

P!NK Tours and Concerts 2024

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P!NK 2024 Tour - Tour Dates

Yes, P!NK is on tour throughout 2024 on her P!NK: Summer Carnival tour that runs until at least Nov 23, 2024.

P!NK - Tour Dates, Venues, and Concert Locations

The P!NK: Summer Carnival tour starts in Australia in March before moving on to Europe and the UK and then returning to North America from August to November. Here is a list of P!NK’s North American dates through to the end of September: 

P!NK’s Tour Setlist

P!NK's setlist tends to vary depending on the venue or the mood of the artist, but you can count on her giving her fans what they want with some of her best known classic hits like Just Give Me A Reason, Try, Raise Your Glass, and Get the Party Started. Expect to hear some new material as well, as P!NK never gives exactly the same concert twice! 

How much do P!NK tickets cost?

You can be sure that you will find the cheapest tickets to see P!NK on TicketX, generally starting from $130-150. Purchase your P!NK tickets from TicketX with a single click for the lowest commission fees. Prices vary depending on venues and dates, so please check prices for tickets based on where and when you want to see P!NK in concert.

How to find the cheapest P!NK tickets

P!NK is one of the most popular musicians around today, meaning tickets to her concerts will sell out quickly and ticket prices will tend to be quite high. If you are searching for the cheapest P!NK tickets, TicketX is the place to find them. On TicketX, you can purchase the cheapest P!NK tickets with the lowest commission fees in just one click.

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