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Age:  59 years old (born on October 22, 1964)

Genre: Christian hip-hop, pop, and contemporary

Top Tracks: Made to Love," "Me Without You," "Extreme Days," and "Feel I”

Top Albums: "Eye on It," "Portable Sounds," "Tonight," and "This Is Not a Test."



A prominent Christian musician, TobyMac’s unique style entails blending rap, pop and soul. Born in Fairfax, Virginia, music has always been a part of his life. 

His father was a pastor, and his mother, was a music teacher. Due to this parenthood design, he grew up in a home where both spirituality and artistry were pronounced. When he turned 8, Toby started learning how to play the piano, paving the way for the sound connoisseur he would later become. 

By age 17, he became an integral part of DC Talk, a prominent gospel rap group. Alongside his bandmates Michael Tate and Kevin Max, he took the band from regular to recognized, putting out several albums and winning three Grammy Awards

It wasn't until 2001 that he started a solo career. This kicked off with his first album, Momentum. Its hit single, Extreme Days, quickly rose to the top of the Christian music charts, bringing him into the limelight of the niche. 

In the following years, he continued keeping listeners engaged with songs that put his versatility and growth as an artist on the show, from Welcome to Diverse City (2004) to the catchy tracks off Portable Sounds (2007). His rather contemplative lyrics reflect his knowledge of the art and willingness to share it. 

It was with the 2012 album Eye On It that TobyMac reached the pinnacle. With this particular sound, he won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. Its performance not only embalmed him as a Christian music superstar but also got him even more recognition and acclaim.

TobyMac’s Discography

Ever since he started making music on his own, Toby has made waves with his unusual amalgam of rap, pop, and soul, all of which are important elements when it comes to Christian sounds. 

Momentum pretty much watered the floor. The album’s dynamic collection of tracks showcased his unique style and lyrical prowess. Its lead single, Extreme Days, quickly ascended to the apex of the Christian music charts. More than anything, it signaled his arrival as a come-to-stay artist. 

Building on the success of his debut, he pushed the boundaries of his artistry with the sophomore effort he titled Welcome to Diverse City. Tracks like Gone and The Slam were imbued with themes of unity, diversity, and more importantly, music’s ability to bring different peoples together.

In Portable Sounds, he went deeper into his signature blend, leveraging much of infectious upbeats and catchy bop-bop hooks. Singles like Made to Love and I'm for You carried his ability to craft stirring melodies that convey the profound messages of love, hope, and redemption.

With Tonight, Toby went for self-reflection and spiritual renewal, exploring faith, resilience, and the strength that resides in the community. The album's lead single, City on Our Knees, became an anthem of unity and solidarity for church congregations. If anything, it inspired believers to come together in the face of adversity.

For Eye on It, Toby reached new heights of creativity, earning a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. The album's title track, along with hits like Me Without You and Steal My Show, reflected his evolution as an artist and commitment to delivering impactful and uplifting music.

Most recently, an album This Is Not a Test further cemented him as a visionary artist and a voice of hope in a troubled world. With tracks like Feel It and Beyond Me, he continued to inspire listeners with his powerful lyrics.

TobyMac’s Upcoming Events in 2024

TobyMac is currently on tour. From the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction to the Honda Center in Anaheim, his performances are sure to be spiritual experiences for fans of all ages.

In Grand Junction, Colorado, he will take the stage at the Mesa County Fairgrounds for NightVision 2024 on June 7th. This event promises to be a night filled with music, excitement, and positive vibes.

Continuing his tour, he heads to Anaheim, California, where he'll perform at the Honda Center for Fishfest 2024 on June 15th. Fishfest brings together some of the biggest names in Christian music, and TobyMac's performance is sure to be a highlight of the event. 

Moving eastward, the artists will make a stop at the Deadwood Mountain Grand in Deadwood, South Dakota, on May 10th. One can expect an evening of high-energy entertainment. As the tour progresses, he takes his uplifting music to Honolulu, Bemidji, Puyallup, Fayetteville, and more. 

From coast to coast, TobyMac's tour promises to be a celebration of faith, unity, and the power of music to unite all and sundry. 

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