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Arkansas Razorbacks Football Tickets

Arkansas Razorbacks Football

College: University of Arkansas (U of A, UArk, UA)

Conference: Southeastern Conference (Western Division)

Stadium: Razorback Stadium (capacity 76,212)

Head Coach: Sam Pittman (2020-present)

2023 Season Record: 4-8

Legendary Alumni: Lance Alworth, Steve Atwater, Barry Foster, Pat Summerall

Team Song: “Arkansas Fight” 

National Championships: 1 claimed (1964), 1 unclaimed (1977)

Arkansas Razorbacks Football

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team has represented the University of Arkansas (which is located in the small northwestern Arkansas town of Fayetteville) for 130 years, starting out in 1894 as the Arkansas Cardinals. Perhaps desiring a more fearsome or unique (given the number of teams called the Cardinals in American sports) appellation, the team switched its name to the Razorbacks in 1909, supposedly after their coach praised them by telling the press that his players had fought like a “wild band of Razorback hogs.” For those of you unsure what a “razorback” is, it is a local term used in Arkansas and other nearby states to refer to the wild pigs that inhabit the region and possess a raised crest of fur on their backs that sticks up like a sharp blade. The animals are known to be fast, pugnacious, and incredibly resilient. This name change led to the curious University of Arkansas practice of “calling the hogs,” where fans raise their arms and call out “Wooo Pig Sooie” three times before shouting “Razorbacks!” This strange tradition, which was apparently initiated by farmers greeting the team bus passing by in the 1920s, endures to this day. The Razorbacks also have an actual live razorback boar as their team mascot, named Tusk (along with some friendlier, cuddlier versions of the mascot too). The team itself has been competitive within their conference throughout much of their long history, recording 13 conference and 4 division titles, along with many bowl appearances (albeit with a 17-24-3 bowl record). The Razorbacks’ most dominant period as a football team was under the stewardship of legendary head coach Frank Broyles, who led the team to five conference titles, one claimed national championship (the team’s only such win, to date), and victories in the Gator Bowl, Cotton Bowl (twice), and Sugar Bowl. With some exceptions, the Razorbacks have been less successful in recent years, but still generate feverish excitement in their home state, with fans driving many miles to come cheer their team on. 

Arkansas Razorbacks Rivalries

The most intense rivalry in the Arkansas Razorbacks’s considerable list of rival schools is against the Ole Miss Rebels from the neighboring state of Mississippi. The teams first played in 1908 and the series stands at a very close all-time record of either 37-29-1 or 36-30-1 depending on who you ask! The Razorbacks and Rebels set a record (now once equalled) for the longest college football game in history in 2001, going to seven overtimes before the Razorbacks finally ended the marathon by winning 58-56. The Razorbacks also have heated rivalries with the LSU Tigers (known as the Battle of the Boot), Texas Longhorns (though the teams no longer play as regularly), Texas A&M Aggies, and Missouri Tigers.

Finding Arkansas Razorbacks Football Tickets

Rain or shine, weak or strong, the Arkansas Razorbacks are well-known for drawing huge crowds decked out in cardinal red to the little Arkansas college town of Fayetteville* for their home games. Many of these fans drive long miles across their expansive state to partake in the festivities leading up to the game (tailgating, pep rallies, partying) as well. All of this makes for a wonderful atmosphere, but it can also lead to tickets being tricky to find, especially for Bowl games, title deciders, or matches against rival schools (see above). TicketX is the place to go to find the most affordable Arkansas Razorbacks tickets. Our handy stadium seating chart can help you compare your seating options in terms of price and location.

*Visitors hoping to catch a Razorbacks home game should note that due to a contractual/historical situation, the team plays a few games each year (generally one or two) at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas, a three hour drive from Fayetteville. Check the venue before you buy your ticket!

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