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Jo Koy Tickets

Jo Koy

Age: 52 (June 2, 1971)

Genre: stand-up comedy

Comedy Specials: Don't Make Him Angry, Lights Out, Comin' in Hot, Live from Seattle, In His Elements, Live from the LA Forum

Jo Koy

Jo Koy has been cracking up audiences since the mid-1990s, when he emerged as part of a wave of American and Canadian comics shining a spotlight on the broad range of cultural backgrounds that make up current North American culture. Koy’s father, a white American, met his Filipina mother during a stint in the Philippines with the U.S. Air Force, and Koy uses this multicultural background to his advantage, poking fun at everyone he can. Koy’s vocal talents allow him to impersonate a wide range of (mostly Asian) accents to hilarious effect (he has even voiced characters in animated films) and he also possesses one of those faces that can make an astonishing range of expressions that never fail to make you laugh. Jo Koy hosts the Koy Pond Podcast and appears each week on the Adam Carolla Show. He tours frequently in the United States.

How much do Jo Koy tickets cost?

You can find the cheapest tickets to see Jo Koy starting from $50-60 on TicketX. Purchase your tickets with a single click for the lowest commission fees. Prices vary depending on venues and dates, so please search for ticket prices based on the events you are interested in attending.

How can I find the cheapest Jo Koy tickets

Jo Koy is one of the most popular stand-up comedians alive today. Consequently, ticket prices to his shows tend to be relatively high and tickets sell out quickly. If you are searching for the cheapest Jo Koy tickets, TicketX is your best friend. On TicketX, you can purchase the cheapest tickets  with just one click for the lowest commission fees. Read more about our tips on "Jo Koy's Comedy Empire & Get Cheap Jo Koy Tickets" on TicketX Magazine.

How funny is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy is known for fairly family-friendly humor that appeals to comedy fans of all ages, rarely ranging into edgier or darker comedy. He draws on funny stories from his own multicultural upbringing in America, but tells jokes about this in a way that everyone can relate to. Koy is a seasoned stand-up comic who knows how to cater to his audience, leaving them rolling in the aisles whether in a smaller venue, theater, or arena. To find out more about Jo Koy, check out the article “Jo Koy's Comedy Empire & Get Cheap Jo Koy Tickets” in our TicketX Magazine today.

How did Jo Koy rise to fame?

Jo Koy was encouraged by his mother from an early age to pursue comedy and frequently cites her as one of the biggest influences on him ending up in the profession. Koy’s big breakthrough came in 1994 when he was spotted performing in Las Vegas and was given a contract for the Comic View television show on BET. He released his first full stand-up comedy special in 2009.

Past Jo Koy comedy specials and collaborations

Jo Koy has released 6 comedy specials (Don't Make Him Angry, Lights Out, Comin' in Hot, Live from Seattle, In His Elements, Live from the LA Forum ) and featured in numerous television and film projects, including as a voice actor for animated films. His specials are mostly available via Netflix, with many preview clips to be found on YouTube and other platforms. Koy is also a frequent guest on many major comedy podcasts and hosts his own podcast, the Koy Pond Podcast, as well as appearing weekly on the Adam Carolla Show.

Jo Koy Tours (2024)

It is highly recommended that you try to purchase Jo Koy tickets early due to high demand. Keep checking back on TicketX regularly for the latest information so that you don’t miss out on the cheapest tickets to see Jo Koy performing live. If you want to experience the unique spectacle that is a Jo Koy comedy show, the time to get tickets is now!

Jo Koy 2024 Tour - Tour Dates

Jo Koy will be touring the United States, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and Canada during his 2024 Tour, which runs until at least November 30. Fans will generally see at least one other comedian (TBA) perform before Koy does his set. Check back, as more dates and locations could be added soon.

Jo Koy - 2024 Tour Dates, Venues, and Locations

The following are the upcoming tour dates, venues, and locations (cities) for Jo Koy’s 2024 Tour.

Mar 28 - Bakersfield, CA, Mechanics Bank Theatre

Mar 29 - Bakersfield, CA, Mechanics Bank Theatre

Mar 30 - Fresno, CA, Save Mart Center

Apr 4 - Toppenish, WA, Legends Casino

Apr 5 - Seattle, WA, Climate Pledge Arena

Apr 7 - Vancouver, BC, Canada, Rogers Arena

Apr 12 - Rancho Mirage, CA, Agua Caliente Casino

Apr 13 - Rancho Mirage, CA, Agua Caliente Casino

Apr 14 - Rancho Mirage, CA, Agua Caliente Casino

Apr 26 - Las Vegas, NV, T-Mobile Arena

Apr 27 - Salt Lake City, UT, Delta Center

May 3 - London, UK, The 02

May 5 - Oslo, Norway, Oslo Spektrum

May 7 - Bergen, Norway, Grieghallen

May 8 - Gothenburg, Sweden, Scandinavium

May 9 - Stockholm, Sweden, Hovet

May 10 - Copenhagen, Denmark, Falkoner Center

May 13 - Berlin, Germany, Tempodrom

May 15 - Barcelona, Spain, Victoria Theater

May 17 - Dublin, Ireland, The 3 Arena

May 19 - Rotterdam, Netherlands, RTM Stage Ahoy

May 22 - Antwerp, Belgium, Stadsschouwburg

May 24 - Bahrain, Al Dana Amphitheater 

May 26 - Abu Dhabi, UAE, Etihad Arena

Nov 30 - Honolulu, HI, Blaisdell Arena

Jo Koy’s Tour Sets

Jo Koy's comedy sets occasionally refer to or make use of older material that his fans are familiar with, but as a top stand-up comedian, Koy is also well known for coming up with new jokes to surprise his fans, referring to recent events or local situations. Jokes will obviously reoccur during the tour, but no two shows will be exactly the same. That’s the fun of live comedy!

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