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NASCAR Cup Series Tickets

NASCAR Cup Series

Season: Feb 3-Nov 10 (NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs: Sept 8-Nov 10)

Top Constructors: Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford

Top Teams: Penske, Hendrick, Joe Gibbs, 23XI, Roush Fenway, Trackhouse Racing

Top Drivers: Ryan Blaney (Penske), Kyle Larson (Hendrick), William Byron (Hendrick), Chris Bell (Joe Gibbs Racing), Denny Hamlin (Joe Gibbs Racing), Tyler Reddick (23XI), Chris Buescher (Roush Fenway), Brad Keselowski (Roush Fenway), Ross Chastain (Trackhouse Racing), Bubba Wallace (23XI)

NASCAR Cup Series

On the surface, the three types of vehicles used in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (better known as NASCAR) might seem rather ordinary: Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Toyota Camry. And while it is true that, unlike the space age designs of Formula 1 or IndyCar Series cars, all of these brands are ones that you could see on your commute home from work today, don’t be fooled: NASCAR vehicles are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cars. This is especially true of the cars of the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR’s highest level of racing, where teams of designers, engineers, and others come together to improve the components, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability of their cars to try to get that vital edge and win the race. NASCAR Cup Series races take place on three different types of tracks: ovals, tri-ovals (an oval with a triangle shape built into one side), and road courses (which have all kinds of irregular turns to deal with). But no two racetracks out of the many used by NASCAR are ever the same, forcing drivers and their teams to contend with new variables and concerns with each separate race. Most NASCAR Cup Series races run for 500 miles (804 km) and take from 2 to 4 hours to complete, though this can vary considerably based on the weather, the track, and other factors. With races zipping by at an average speed of 70 mph (113 km/h) on road tracks or 153 mph (246 km/h) on ovals, NASCAR Cup Series drivers must be physically fit and highly skilled in order to maneuver their car quickly, strategically, and safely within close-running packs of up to 40 vehicles on challenging banked tracks. With races occurring from early February to mid-November, including the Playoffs in the fall, NASCAR Cup Series drivers and their teams must do well in every race to pick up as many points as possible and finish high in the standings in order to have a shot at becoming champions. Don’t miss your chance to hear the roar of the engines alongside the roar of the crowd at a rubber-burning, brake-squealing, metal-crunching NASCAR Cup Series race this year. Buy your NASCAR Cup Series tickets from TicketX today!

How can I get cheap tickets to NASCAR Cup Series races?

NASCAR is very much an American sport, with very few people outside the United States knowing much about NASCAR (with the possible exception of Canada) or recognizing the true extent of its popularity. As the top level of the sport, the NASCAR Cup Series pulls in the biggest crowds of all, with tens of thousands of racing fans gathering at tracks nationwide on race weekends to drink, eat, meet old friends, and cheer for their favorite drivers. This all creates a fantastic atmosphere on race day (or race weekend), but also leads to high demand for tickets, which frequently sell out well in advance. To find the cheapest tickets to NASCAR Cup Series races, trust TicketX! TicketX lists all NASCAR Cup Series tickets as they become available and our handy seating chart is the best way to compare prices and seat locations. NASCAR Cup Series tickets can be yours with a single click, all with the lowest commission fees around!

What is the lineup/schedule for NASCAR races in 2024? Where will NASCAR races be taking place in 2024?

The 2024 Nascar Cup Series race schedule/lineup consists of 36 races. These races are held across the United States, generally in the South (though not exclusively) at ovals, tri-ovals, superspeedways, and road courses. The Playoffs for the Nascar Cup Series begin in the fall (Sept 8), culminating in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race in Avondale on Nov 10. Check TicketX for the cheapest tickets to all upcoming NASCAR events! 

Which team and which driver will win the NASCAR Championship in 2024?

The man to beat in 2024 is Ryan Blaney of Penske, who won the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series as Champion based on his excellent performance in the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs and overall points tally of 5035. Kyle Larson and William Byron of Hendrick, who finished inches off the pace at 5034 and 5033 in what was one of the closest championship battles in recent history, will also be ones to watch for 2024. Ross Chastain (Trackhouse Racing), who won the year-end NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race in Avondale in 2023 and finished 9th overall, is another contender, as is Martin Truex Jr. (Joe Gibbs Racing), who was the regular season champion but faded in the Playoffs and ended up 11th. 2023 Rookie of the Year Ty Gibbs (Joe Gibbs Racing) will also be looking to build on his success. Book your NASCAR tickets with TicketX right away to see all these exciting teams and their drivers in action this year!

Is attending a NASCAR Cup Series Race exciting? Is attending a NASCAR Cup Series race fun?

Attending a NASCAR Cup Series race is quite different from attending most other sporting events. Because so many fans travel considerable distances to be there, race days are usually transformed into race weekends (sometimes stretching to 3-4 days), with all sorts of concerts, parties, car events, qualifying rounds, and fanfests taking place. Tailgating at NASCAR events is out of this world fun, with scores of fans camping out, grilling, drinking, and socializing in the build-up to the big race. And when those 40 engines do rev up, be prepared! You’ll be truly blown away by the sound, speed, and sheer excitement of watching NASCAR live! Do not miss out on your chance to attend a NASCAR Cup Series race in 2024. Get onto TicketX right now and book your NASCAR Cup Series tickets today!

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