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San Jose Earthquakes Tickets

San Jose Earthquakes

Founded: 1996

League: Major League Soccer (MLS)

Conference: Western

Stadium: PayPal Park (capacity 18,000)

Manager: Luchi Gonzalez (2023-present)

Star Players: Amahl Pellegrino, Vitor Costa, Bruno Wilson

2023 MLS Regular Season: 10-10-14 (9th in Western Conference)

2023 MLS Playoffs: Wild Card (defeated by Sporting Kansas City)

Legendary Former Players: Chris Wondolowski, Landon Donovan,  Dwayne De Rosario

Titles: 2 MLS Cups (2001, 2003)

San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes (known for short as The Quakes) are one of the very few (four) MLS teams that can trace their origins far back beyond the MLS itself, having played in the exciting but ill-fated NASL (yep, Pele and George Best, that NASL) in the 1970s and 80s. As one of the founding clubs of MLS in 1996, the Earthquakes have stuck with the league through thick and thin, despite nearly folding in 2006-2007 when the club was forced to take a two-year hiatus to retool financially. This all happened despite the Quakes having won a Supporters’ Shield in the years leading up to their flirtation with oblivion, as well as two MLS Cups thanks to an emotional 2-1 victory in 2001 over despised rivals LA Galaxy and a 4-2 win over Chicago Fire FC in 2003. The years since have seen the team’s fortunes vary widely, with another Supporters’ Shield in 2012 followed by four years without even a sniff of playoff action. The Quakes hit rock bottom in 2018, finishing dead last in the entire league with a pitiful record of 4-21-9. The team has not sunk quite that low again since, but with just three brief playoff appearances since 2012, all is definitely not well these days in San Jose. Their determined but long-suffering fans will be hoping that 2024 is the year when their beloved Quakes finally turn things around, spurred on by exciting new signings Amahl Pellegrino, Vitor Costa, and Bruno Wilson.

How can I get cheap tickets to San Jose Earthquakes games?

As the only MLS team in the Bay Area, San Jose Earthquakes have maintained a large loyal following throughout the years, and so many of their home games sell out in advance. While such packed houses make the games far more enjoyable and fun, they can lead to tickets being quite hard to find, especially for playoff games, cup games, key conference deciders, or rivalry matchups (see below). To land the cheapest tickets to San Jose Earthquakes games, check the TicketX listings on this page and use our trusty TicketX seating chart to compare prices and locations. Tickets can be purchased from TicketX with a single click for the lowest commission fees! 

Will the San Jose Earthquakes play against Lionel Messi and Inter Miami CF in the 2024 regular season? 

No, the San Jose Earthquakes are not currently scheduled to play against Lionel Messi and Inter Miami CF in 2024. However, it is possible that these two teams could meet in the MLS Playoffs this fall or in a cup competition. Please keep checking TicketX throughout the MLS Season just in case!

For your best chance at landing the cheapest tickets to sold out Inter Miami CF games featuring Lionel Messi*, search the TicketX listings and use our trusty TicketX seating chart to compare seats and prices. Tickets can be purchased from TicketX with a single click for the lowest commission fees! 

**As with any sport, there is never a guarantee that an athlete will be available to play in a certain game. Injuries and other issues can rule Messi out of action, just as they can with any other athlete.

San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Rivalries

While the San Jose Earthquakes now have several teams that they might consider rivals, there is really only one team that they simply must beat, fellow Californians the LA Galaxy. Known as the California Clásico, the game between these two teams is said to be the oldest in American soccer, with the two teams battling it out for MLS supremacy in the early 2000s (including the Quakes beating the Galaxy in the 2001 MLS Cup Final by a score of 2-1). San Jose also has developed rivalries with other West Coast teams such as the Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Seattle Sounders

Are San Jose Earthquakes soccer games exciting?

San Jose Earthquakes fans wear their suffering like a badge of honor, remembering the good times (like beating the Galaxy in the 2001 MLS Cup Final) and hoping for their return. Supporters groups such as the San Jose Ultras, Club Quake, Soccer Silicon Valley, The Casbah, The Faultline, and Epicentro74 generate plenty of noise to get PayPal Park rocking whenever the Quakes are in town. If you are in the Bay Area, why not head to an Earthquakes game? You’ll have a great time and, hey, if you’re lucky, you might even see the home team win a game.

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